#ChildrensBook: The Adventures of Bob

by Ryan Shea

What do you get when a man is invited to a strange purple and green planet by a tiny speed-freak robot, a construction-cone-wearing king, a really bad bowl of soup, and a fat purple servant cat that doesn't listen to anyone?

The Adventures of Bob: to Doodledip for Soup! Find out what happens to Bob when he travels to Planet Doodledip for dinner with the King and discovers he is afraid to try the soup.


Hi there. My name is Ryan Shea. I am an elementary school counselor. My favorite part of my job is bringing my guitar to classes and singing "I like me" songs to promote self-esteem. These songs are very goofy and the kids love them. I have always had a crazy imagination, so coming up with Bongo the purple servant space cat was not that difficult.

In my book, "The Adventures of Bob, to Doodledip for Soup", Bongo and Bob have an interesting first time meeting, which leads to Bob taking Bongo back to Earth. My other book ideas, will be based on Bongo and Bob living on Earth together, while Bob finds out how difficult it is to live with a donut stealing, grumpy, servant space cat that does not follow rules. I enjoy reading my book to kids. The Adventures of Bob is funny and I hope your family enjoys the book as well.

What Readers Are Saying

Sandra Gustafson-Mesna

The Adventures of Bob is a hit with our grandchildren! They are delighted with the antics of Bongo, the soup-swilling, donut-devouring, interplanetary cat and the dilemmas poor Bob faces. This book sits at the top of their bedtime storybook stack. I recommend Mr. Shea's book to families seeking giggles at bedtime!

By FishingFool

I was lucky enough to find a book signing and bought several signed hardbound copies for gifts and a fund raiser at our little country school. My great nieces and nephews just love this book! And their parents enjoy reading it -- and they tell me it's a much better gift than the drum set I gave the kids last year... It's the favorite book in the 3rd grade library and the kids really enjoy the funny YouTube videos.

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Mar 22, 2014
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

This is a great post for my book. I like the interview and the 5 star book review adds.
Thank you!
p.s. My next Adventure of Bob, is due for release this early June, and I will use your fiverr gig again for it's release.

Mar 22, 2014
by: Psymon H

BCBC would like to thank you for promoting your title through our Readers Lounge.

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