#ChildrensBook #Superheroes: Supernatural Hero

by Eran Gadot

“I’m the class nerd, the only kid who doesn’t get invited to birthday parties… Maybe it would be better if everyone gave me the silent treatment. At least they would be paying attention to me…”

So thinks Andy, the boy everyone makes fun of because he’s really skinny and wears glasses and talks to himself, the nerdiest kid in the class, who falls in love with the prettiest girl in the class. Andy believes that he will show all the geeks that one of them can go out with the queen of the class!

And one day it happens, thanks to Grandpa who has turned into a ghost. Ever since, Andy can see all kinds of ghosts and talk to them, and that's why he is the only one who can save the lovely Zoe from the evil spirit that got into her home. Will he becomes a supernatural hero and win the girl..?

“Supernatural Hero is filled with suspense and adventure from start to finish. The first book in the series about Andy, the Happy Nerd.” (zippi sharoor, author and poet)

Author Bio:

Eran Gadot is a loving husband and a father to three children and two cats. Gadot is proud to have ADHD and loves the fact that writing is the only way for him to focus on one thing.

In his younger years he owned Pet Coffee, the first coffee place for dogs and their owners. He then opened a new coffee place, No Bill, where customers were free to pay as they please. He was the co-founder and CEO of a small high-tech company which was later sold to Playtech.

He is currently one of the owners of an advertising agency, works as the head of the creative department. His love for sports got him to be owner of a sports live scores website and an enthusiastic tennis player. He also has helped producing several independent films.

Few words from Gadot:

"I can't remember a time when I didn't write. I write about everything. As far as I'm concerned what isn't written down simply isn't important. Writing is in my blood. The words inside me are constantly trying to burst out, however much I may try to focus on other things.

My greatest dream was always to write a book for children, whose honesty and innocence constantly overwhelm me. It's thanks to children that my own inner child is sustained and never ceases to make his presence felt.

When my son started sixth grade and embarked on the journey known as adolescence my urge to write a book for children became impossible to ignore. His experiences granted me inspiration as well as fantastic ideas for my book.

As I began to write, the reactions of my son and his friends totally amazed me and I understood that I was on the right path. I completed my book, which became the first in a series of six. The responses from my readers renew my energy daily and strengthen my deep motivation to continue to write.

For me, writing is not a hobby but a vocation. I simply have to write. And I still feel like a boy, with a tremendous desire to realize my dreams, break new ground and transform the impossible into the possible.

What Readers Are Saying About This Children's Book:

By Robert
"Supernatural Hero" is a great children's book with an outstanding story. The plot follows Andy, the nerdiest kid in his class. Skinny, wearing glasses, and always talking to himself; Andy makes great bait for the ridicule of bullies and his peers.

Andy is also embedded with the power to both see and communicate with ghosts and the dead. As opposed to other "children see dead people" style stories,like "The Sixth Sense," "Supernatural Hero" is a lot lighter. It is a kids book after all. Andy must use his powers to fight off an evil spirit and win over the girl who he is madly in love with.

The book is very well written and has some genuinely interesting concepts. I really liked the tone, and think "Supernatural Hero" would make a great Halloween read.

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Oct 27, 2013
Supernatural Hero
by: Psymon H

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