#ChildrensBook #Kickstarter Project: Stinky Robots

by Matt & Elijah Yerington
(Bolinas, CA)

Stinky Robots will save the world!

Stinky Robots - 2 authors and 12 artists from around the world, creating a humbly beautiful book. Join our launch community!

Kickstarter Goal: $7,777. 47 days to go as of 6/13/2014

Story Concept

Our story takes place in the timeless future present. We see 1950 cars, but we also see rockets. We see people wearing simple clothing, and some in futuristic outfits. Robots have continued along their current path of helping humans do things faster and more efficiently. Our robots don't fight - they landscape, they cook you dinner, they put out fires.

The world of robots has diverged into 2 distinct camps - FutuRobots, the hitech marvels of computerized sophistication; and Stinky Robots the mechanical robots of yesteryear.

FutuRobots are the cool kids of robots. They are the robots that are the fastest, most technically advanced, best software, sleekest looking. Stinky Robots move a bit slower, run on mechanical parts, gears and pulleys, or stinky fuels like diesel (bio-diesel for the ecominded).

Stinky Robots are looked down on by society and FutuRobots. They just can't perform the way the FutuRobots do.

But then, one day, tragedy strikes in the form of an Electronic Magnetic Pulse attack (an EMP) and everything that runs on electricity, and all things electronic SHUT DOWN.

See where we are going here? It is at this critical moment that our Stinky Robots are called upon to save the day...

More about our Story

Stinky Robots is a love story told through robots. It is a story of the importance of loving and respecting all the diverse and unique members of our communities.
I told it to my eldest son Isaac when he was younger and then, after many years, I began telling it again to my youngest son Elijah. And then the magic of the internet stepped in...

My son Elijah and I wrote the story down, adding new touches to the original story. And then we reached out to 12 fantastic artist from around the world to start bringing our robots to life. Each day my son would wake up and say "Dad, do we have any new robots?" And we did!

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Jun 16, 2014
Great book!
by: Samantha Jameston

We are supporting this! The book looks amazing!

Jun 13, 2014
by: Psymon H

Thank you for using our Book Promotion Platform; we wish you the very best with your Kickstarter project

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