#ChildrensBook: Gifted and Black

by Dr. Edonna M. Alexandria

Get a jump on life. Your color is a gift! (Girl's Empowerment Series)

Get a jump on life. Your color is a gift! (Girl's Empowerment Series)

Get a jump on life. Your color is a gift! (Girl's Empowerment Series)

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“Gifted and Black” is a strongly emotional and deeply compelling book that explores the beauty in dark skin, the joy and struggles of dealing with a society that favors fairer skin… it’s a story that grips your heart and inspires you to accept and love the things that define you.

The author really captures the pain, loneliness and, ups and downs of a body image that is disjointed with the populace and an ideal that dark skin is a flaw rather than a beautiful feature to be proud of.

The well-written book is vivid, emotionally charged, engaging, passionate and clearly meant to not only bring a voice to those with dark skin who feel ostracized for it, but to also let loose the tumultuous emotions that the author deals with as a person with dark skin. Whether you’re dark or fair of skin (or something in between), this is a book that makes you think and makes you feel… This is a beautiful book, and it is poetic justice to right the wrongs of far too many people.

It is my daily prayer that the sun will rise on the day when we no longer see color among us, only the rainbow and beauty of each living soul. Prejudice has ran rampant in the world for too long and not just against the African Americans or other races but for anyone who is different and does not meet the so called standards of man.

We are all equal and we are what make the world go round. It is beautifully written and Tara has the courage to stand up and show the world who she is and what she stands for. Gifted and Black will inspire many to reach for the stars and be the brightest one in the heavens. Have you ever felt different, left over, or even bullied? Tara understands how you feel.

Help comes from the last place you'd expect it sometimes, though. For Tara, it comes in the form of Double Dutch jump rope. With the included CD, readers can learn to Double Dutch along with Tara to a fun hip-hop soundtrack. It's not where you come from that counts - it's where you're going! Gifted and Black is the inspiring story of a young girl named Tara who grew up in the ghetto of Willowbrook in Los Angeles, California.

It is a children's book, communicated in simple vernacular Black English, that describing the struggles of a girl who has to deal with the chronic stigma associated with her two most defining traits. Traits, which the mere possession of is often considered derogatory in the midst of poverty.

She must overcome her personal and experiential difficulties while coming to terms with the reality of her uniqueness and gifted-ness. So as to eventually break free of her situation in the life.

About the Author

Author Rev. Dr. Edonna Alexandria grew up in Los Angeles. She felt many of the same things Tara feels. She now works as a mentor for girls and boys. Dr. Alexandria is an internationally recognized educational consultant and a certified Double Dutch coach.

She has been an educator for over 30 years working with children and adult learnings in America, Ghana, Jamaica, Ethiopia, and Uganda. She is the co-founder and curriculum developer for a university in Mbale, Uganda and an institute in Axum, Ethiopia.

Rev. Dr. Edonna is also the founder of Umayat Spiritual Education Circle for Self-Realization, Teach A Woman 2 Fish, Teach A Girl 2 Fish and Umayat Spiritual Education Alternative Publishing Company.

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Aug 20, 2014
by: Psymon H

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