#ChildrensBook: Age 8 to 80 - Anne and Stan's Magical Salt and Pepper Pot Adventures

by Robin Rowles
(Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom)

Anne and Stan - Ready for an adventure

Anne and Stan - Ready for an adventure

Welcome! I am Robin Rowles and I love to write Children's Books. I grew up in Urchfont, Wiltshire, England; the third of three boys. I got married in 1999.

I've always been interested in books, and as far back as my primary school days. I have been an avid reader of Enid Blyton's books. My favorite series being The Secret Seven and The Famous Five. Today, I live in Wroughton, Wiltshire, England. You'll find me in my office Book-keeping, in-respect of my own self employment business.

What is my Children's book about?

Anne and Stan are not your everyday salt and pepper pots. shakers)- Their lives encounter a total transformation, when they experience the realization of life! They decide to keep this a secret from their family. It's not long before Anne and Stan have a strong desire to explore the outside world. When a perfect opportunity comes their way, they escape from their kitchen, and go on a magical adventure together. Anne and Stan go on to experience lots of fun, and enjoy lots of challenges, and have great excitement. They also make some treasured new friends along the way.
Anne and Stan will really surprise you!

What will eventually happen to them? Will they decide to return to the family kitchen? Or will their desire for even more magical adventures get the better of them! I promise you will grow to love these lovable characters. This book has been written to promote: Harmony, Friendship, Fun, Opportunity for all, and Adventure.

Don't miss out on Anne and Stan's Magical Adventures together! Take this opportunity to join Anne and Stan, and their new friends, on this incredible journey. Get ready to join the ride...

An extract from Chapter Ten: "A Most Surprising Day!"

“We'll need to test the strength of the bow and arrow, before we know, how far we will need to stand back, from the target board!” suggested Stan. “I'll test it from the garden slide.” Stan carefully placed an arrow into the bow, he then aimed at the target-board, and gently pulled-back on the bows string, and released! The arrow rose high and up into the air at speed, and then it dropped just past, and wide of the target! “That's fine!” said Stan. “We don't need to walk back any further than this garden slide!”

“Have a go Anne,” said Stan. “It's not really difficult.” Anne took the bow and arrow from Stan, and she stood in position. Like Stan, she placed an arrow into the bow, took aim, and pulled-back on the bows string, and suddenly she let go!” The arrow flew high up into the sky, and then it dropped down into an apple tree!

“You've hit that apple tree!” laughed Stan. They both ran over to the apple tree. “There's the arrow!” cried-out Anne. “Look! it's brought down an apple!” Anne picked-up the apple, gave it a quick rub, and she took a bite! “Gosh! It tastes really good Stan.” she said, smiling. Stan took a small bite. “Yes! It's really nice and sweet, let's try and get some more!”

“The apples are too high for us to reach,” said Anne. “We can try and hit that apple tree again, and see if we can bring down some more apples!” suggested Anne. Stan and Anne walked back to the garden slide. Stan picked-up the bow and an arrow. “I'll have a go now.” said Stan. This time Stan took aim for the apple tree! It was a good shot, and the arrow dropped perfectly, into the top of the apple tree. Once more, Anne and Stan ran over to the apple tree. “Great shot!” shouted-out Anne. “The arrow's brought down three more apples!” Anne finished her own apple, and Stan picked one up, for himself!

Anne and Stan continued with the bow and arrow game, but this time they were fully focused on hitting the target-board. Anne's next shot was on target, but it fell just short of the target-board. “Have another go!” said Stan. “Try not to aim quite so high!” Anne listened to Stan's advice, and her next shot was on target, not so high, and it hit the board! “That's it!” said Anne, joyfully. “It's six points.” advised Stan. Stan had another go. He also managed to hit the target-board for the first time! He scored seven points! They both continued to take one turn at a time, and step by step, they were both getting more consistent, and more accurate!

Anne and Stan were not aware that the Robinson family had just arrived home. Tom reversed his car into the front drive. Tom and Barbara got out of the car, and walked quietly up to the front door. Julian and Lucy followed, slowly. Barbara opened the front door, and went into the hall. “Someone's put the mail on the hall table!” said Barbara, most surprised. “I wonder who's done that?” replied Tom.

Tom and Barbara wanted a cup of tea, before unpacking their car, so Tom quickly returned to the car, to fetch the cool-box. Tom then came into the kitchen, and he made tea for Barbara and himself. Julian and Lucy decided to have a refreshing glass of lemonade. “I'll cut a piece of fruit cake for us all,” said Barbara. “Please help yourselves to a piece.” she added.

They all went into the living room to enjoy their food and drink. Julian went back into the hall to collect the mail. He brought it back into the living room, and handed it over to Barbara. “Oh, thanks Julian.” said Barbara. Barbara had a quick look through the mail, while enjoying her tea and fruit cake. “Nothing to get excited about in the mail, it's mostly home bills!” she said, to Tom.

Then suddenly, Barbara noticed the postcard from Ruth, Peter and Jenny, to Anne and Stan! “What's all this about?” she cried-out! “What's up Mum?” replied Lucy, finishing her cake. “Well, there is something very strange going on here?” said Barbara, in a most surprised voice! “Why would Ruth address this postcard to Anne and Stan?” she added, feeling most confused! “Please let me see the postcard mummy.” said Lucy.

Once everyone had finished their drinks and fruit cake, Tom and Julian unpacked the car, with a little help from Lucy. “Please bring everything into the utility room, and I'll sort through it all.” said Barbara. “I'll put the laundry straight into the washing machine,” she added. “Hey! What's this?” Barbara said to Lucy. “Several small footmarks at the bottom of the cat-flap door!” Lucy came over to take a look. “It's not cat footmarks mummy.” suggested Lucy, they are too big!

“Some thing’s not right!” said Barbara. “The mail placed on the hall table? The postcard addressed to Anne and Stan? and now we find small footmarks in the utility room?” Tom had overheard Barbara's remarks! “You’re right, someone's been in here while we’ve been away!” agreed Tom. “The eggs in the fridge are gone! and I know that we left several in there?” “This is most strange.” agreed Barbara.
Suddenly, Julian came busting into the kitchen! “Mum! Dad!” he shouted-out. “Someone's been sleeping in my bed, and also in Lucy's bed! – and our rooms are untidy!” “What!” cried-out Tom and Barbara. Everybody went upstairs to take a look! “Well, that confirms it,” said Barbara. “We've had unknown visitors in here!” “I wonder who they are?” remarked Tom.

Meanwhile, Anne and Stan were still out in the back garden, unaware that the Robinson family were back home! They had returned to the summerhouse, and they were looking around to see what else they could find to play with!

Lucy looked out of her bedroom window, and down into the back garden. “Oh my goodness!” she shouted-out loudly. “There's someone in our summerhouse! and our bow and arrow game is on the lawn!” Everybody else rushed over to Lucy's window to look! “I don't believe my eyes!” remarked Julian. “It looks like it's Anne and Stan!” “Anne and Stan?” replied Barbara. “How can it be?” “There's only one way to find out,” said Tom. “Let's get down to the back garden quickly and see!”

Tom and Barbara went quickly out of the back door, followed closely by Julian and Lucy. As they approached the summerhouse, they all realised that it really was Anne and Stan, their salt and pepper-pots! At that moment, Anne and Stan came out of the summerhouse, holding a small camping tent!

They were so shocked to see the Robinson family facing them! that they dropped the tent at their feet! “Anne! Stan! it really is you?” cried-out Barbara, in disbelief. “You both look somewhat different?” Anne and Stan found it very hard to speak! But finally, Stan managed to stutter a few nervous words. “We knew that you would all be surprised, to see us like this!” he said.

Julian and Lucy could feel Anne and Stan's discomfort, and they 'felt the heart within themselves' to give Anne and Stan, a most comforting and welcome hug! They all had tears in their eyes! At that moment, Anne and Stan felt so much more at ease with themselves. “Everybody, please come into the house,” requested Tom. “We really need to talk!” he added. Still in a kind of daze! Anne and Stan went into the living room with everybody else, to chat.

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