Children's Rhyming Book: When Monsters Come Out to Play

by Samantha Foster

Rhyming Books for Children

Rhyming Books for Children

Rhyming Books for Children
Author Samantha Foster

5 start review : A fun book that addresses a childhood fear.

"This is a fun, clever, charming book written in rhyme that addresses children's fear of the dark and monsters. The book has nice colorful drawings that children will like. Children think that monsters come "when the dark of night has come to call...that's when the monsters have a ball."

But Samantha Foster reveals that the monsters frighten children because they like to play, and frightening children is fun. She also tells readers what the monsters are thinking and how they feel.

After reading this book, children will learn that there is nothing to fear from monsters who are only looking to have fun. "
Israel Drazin
his simple little story reveals quite a bit about the imagination of a child and the different personalities that they have inside them.

The monsters certainly seem frightening, but also very familiar which makes it easy for all of us to relate. Even the final monster that is the scariest of them all is really no different than the rest who are just as afraid of us.

"When Monsters Come out to Play" (first book of the series "My Monsters") is a fascinating tale that places a child’s imagination in their rooms where they can confront the fears of the unknown.

We can all remember hiding under the blankets when we were young. This book helps show all children that what they are afraid of is also just as afraid of them as well. This helps a child to overcome their fears while at the same time be highly entertained.

I have imagined, weaved and wrote stories for as long as I can remember. Every child is born imaginative and although I did not know that as a child, having been a primary school teacher for many years and raising three kids has made me realize it.

As a child I had been a daydreamer, a hypothetic theorist and a wanderer. Thinking, imagining characters and creating moments came to me naturally but albeit that didn’t transform into conscious writing until I grew up. Today I have much more perseverance and determination that drives my passion for writing.

It triggers my imagination further and the more a writer lets her thoughts take the driving seat, the better quality of art is created, I guess.
Being amidst kids for almost my entire life, the first phase being a child myself and then the second phase being a mother, teacher, friend and guide to children, I have been able to hone more of my writing skills than what I perhaps wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. With children all around you, it is easy to marvel at the finer things of life.

As a writer, I sincerely believe that stories are all around you, dying to be told and all one needs is the keen attention to observe life, reality and emotions. Every day is full of moments that can make people laugh, cry, to be depressed or ecstatic.

For me, the job of a writer is to tell stories in a manner which can allow readers to feel, more than anything else. Intrigue, excitement, fondness or pleasure, are all outcomes of how a reader relates to a work of fiction or nonfiction. I consistently strive to incite the emotional connect between everything, be it family, work, relationships or writing.

My works are a combination of pure fiction and fiction inspired or loosely based on reality. Every writer gets inspired by something and I have a pretty interestingly challenging world around me with plenty of inspirations.


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May 21, 2013
When Monsters Come Out to Play...Author Billboard
by: Psymon H

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