Children's fiction: Red Bear and the Indian Chief

by Paul G Day
(Adelaide, SA, Australia)

Red Bear is a fascinating, endearing character based on a real person and a real life journey. He encapsulates everything about an individual. He is simple, unsure and misunderstood.

At home he finds he does not fit in. He seems to find himself in the middle of trouble often and is often blamed for things he cannot help. He is teased by his peers and this ultimately leads to him leaving home and venturing out into the world on a journey to find himself and find his place in life.

His journey is one of self-discovery. Red Bear has a great capacity for love and kindness, virtues that go unnoticed at home, but which endear him to characters he meets wherever he goes.

Red Bear can be described as the Forrest Gump of Bear World. He seems to have this ability to see the world not as others would describe it, but through the eyes of an innocent in search of purpose and meaning. Every time he finds himself in a difficult situation, Red Bear somehow manages to avoid trouble, not by fighting, nor with the gift of intelligent speech, but through his ability to draw on what skills he has and endear others to him so that they feel compelled to protect and help him on his quest.

The Misadventures of Red Bear is a journey all ages will enjoy. Children will enjoy the story of a little bear who does amazing things. Adults will identify with his insecurities. Everyone will love him for his simple view of life and the love he shows through actions.

I chose this character as a way of representing not only my personal journey, but the journey we all must take if we are to grow and succeed in a complex and sometimes unforgiving world.

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Dec 11, 2012
Reader Review
by: Deborah Boydston

"The Misadventures of Red bear is a very entertaining childrens book. Paul G Day captures the imagination of children with the great illustrations and this very well thought out story line. He also teaches children that rejection is never the end of ones life and many times opens the door to new beginnings." (Deborah Boydston)

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