Children's Christian Fantasy: The Download

by Ann Strawn
(Renton Washington)

ASIN: B015D827NG

ASIN: B015D827NG

Children's Christian Fantasy (Middle Grade): The Download

Em and her friends are all ready to start high school. One of only two African Americans in her class, shy Em just wants to find her niche without making waves. Before freshman year is over she finds herself at the source of a technological tsunami.

The unwitting recipient of a mysterious app, Em starts getting text messages from guardian angels. She wants to fit in and tries to keep her gift secret. But the texts keep gettting more serious. When "mom" and "cancer" come up in the same text Em must decide if she can, or even wants, to control such powerful technology.

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Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

Our lives have become so dependent on modern technology. However, the one item that reigns supreme above all others in the tech world is the smart phone. For many of us, our smart phone is our most treasured possession and companion.

But what if your phone was even smarter? Smart enough to warn you about impending doom. You would think that would be super cool, right? Not so fast. The reality might be far from that as Hazley High's freshman Emani Strickland (Em) discovered. When she started receiving mysterious messages from a strange app that had self-installed on her phone, Em was both confused and frustrated. Acting on the messages was pushing her into the limelight - something she really did not want. All she wanted was to go through high school quietly.

Em found herself heavily burdened by the responsibility of delivering the app's warnings. And what will happen when one of her friends tries to manipulate the future-predicting app for his personal gain?

The Download by Ann Strawn is a tale of a place where modern technology meets the divine love for man. In a way, the story suggests that we can utilize technology to do a lot of good for each other instead of just using it for self-serving purposes. The story had me thinking about all the amazing technological advancements that have been achieved in the 21st century, while at the same time suggesting that there is still room for so much more. The Download has a unique plot that combines themes from two different worlds into one exciting story.

The book blends the usual high school scene of smart phones, videos games, and teenage drama with something so unexpected and fascinating.


Ann Straw
n lives in Renton Washington with her husband, two daughters and ruling Boston terrier. Teens are her favorite kind of people, which works well when you teach middle school. She considers her job total immersion training for writing about kids, technology and social media.

Cell phones and texting are absolute essentials in a kid's world. Kind of like body parts but much more important. Ann wrote The Download to open a window into this reality and add a twist. If an angel wanted a word, why not through that tiny glowing screen?

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ISBN-10: 1519168969
ISBN-13: 978-1519168962

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Jan 23, 2016
by: Psymon H

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