Childrens' Books/ Nelson 'n' Deck And Friends: How the Adventures Began

by C. M. Gillott
(London, UK)

Book Cover - Nelson 'n' Deck and Friends: How the Adventures Began

Book Cover - Nelson 'n' Deck and Friends: How the Adventures Began

Book Cover - Nelson 'n' Deck and Friends: How the Adventures Began
Sample illustrations from How the Adventures Began
Author picture - C. M. Gillott
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The Nelson ‘n’ Deck and Friends adventure stories are all about helping to make learning about London (UK) fun for kids, families and visitors - with large, full colour illustrations on every other page to bring the story to life.

For Primary / Elementary school aged children
Ages: 5-9 (although children as young as 2 have enjoyed the bright, full colourful illustrations on every other page and children as old as 11 still enjoy reading it)

‘How the Adventures Began’ introduces you to all central characters of the series and lays the foundation for the follow-up books in the series.

Presented in a fun and subtly educational way, this is the first in the series of Nelson ‘n’ Deck and Friends adventure stories for primary / elementary school aged children introducing them to all the wonderful sights and places in London to see and visit, in a bright and colourful way that children can relate to.

11-year old Jack and his younger sister Keira reluctantly move to London with their parents, but on their first day, they accidently stumble across magical new friends whilst sneaking around the London Transport Museum – Nelson the funny-looking Pigeon, Deck the red open-topped double decker bus as well as Cab the black London taxi. It is the start of many wonderful adventures for them all over London with their new found friends.

With fun play-on-words names for the supporting characters that adults will appreciate, this is a story that can be enjoyed by the whole family whether you have been to London or not.

To be enjoyed over and over, the paperback book version is perfect as a gift to give away or to keep as a memento of your previous or forthcoming visit(s) to London.


Paperback version:

Apple Interactive eBook version: (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

Amazon Kindle eBook version:

The APPLE Enhanced (Interactive) eBook versions are perfect to download onto eBook readers with built-in internet connectivity to link interactively to the story-related websites.

The Enhanced eBook also doubles up as a handy family-orientated reference guide to London to keep – throughout the story you can click on most of the illustrations and if you have internet connectivity you can get directed to websites specifically related to the illustration and where in London you are in the story.

Chris Gillott is the owner of Star789 Limited (, a company setup, initially as a hobby, with the aims of making London, UK fun for kids and supporting children’s charities and the fantastic work they do.

The original idea for the Nelson ‘n’ Deck and Friends series of books occurred to Chris in late 1999/early 2000. The series is based on the author’s very fond childhood memories of visiting the many wonderful sights of London year round, with his parents, grandparents and close family.

Over a decade since having the original idea, the author wants to bring the many wonderful events that happen every year in London to life with his Nelson ‘n’ Deck and Friends characters and adventure stories. He hopes that children, their parents and grandparents can all enjoy them at home, before & after visiting London.

Chris was born in London at the University College Hospital near Euston. He grew up in Hertfordshire and regularly visited London during his childhood.
During his career he worked for British Telecom (BT) based in London and later in life he lived for a couple of years in Streatham, South West London, during which time he worked for a media communications company in Central London, near to the Bank of England.

Chris is happily married and lives with his wife, Michelle, and their three young girls, in Northamptonshire, UK.

For more information on our company - Star789 Limited - and our aims to help children's charities with the proceeds from our company, please visit us at the following places:

Twitter: (@Star789Ltd)
Office: +44 (0)20 7193 8080

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Oct 21, 2012
Nelson 'n' Deck And Friends: How the Adventures Began....Author Billboard
by: Psymon H

What a great addition to this genre....Being a Londoner in the USA, the Big Ben Chimes made me feel right at home....Thanks for the excellant Book Video Trailer...Expect to see this on the Book Club's Pinterest Boards.

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