Childrens Books: "Laugh A Little"

by SIngleton M. Tate
(Chicago, IL)

"Laugh A Little" is an enjoyable, color-illustrated, educational children's book, that teaches each child about the wonders of life by helping develop their personality through family, love and morals building character. Even though we know children don't want to stop play to sleep, this book helps them transition between those times. This book lays sweet dreams to each child's slumber.

"Laugh A Little" is the 1st of 5 children's books in print by the author, Singleton M. Tate. The next upcoming titles are: "I'm A Star!, Traveling On A Train, Tie A Ribbon and Ginger The Lizard.

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Author's Poetry Page:

"I'm A Star"

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Oct 17, 2012
Comments for "Laugh A Little"
by: Singleton M. Tate, Author

Hello Psymon and Gerry:

Firstly Psymon, I am truly grateful to have such a wonderful platform to showcase the gifts that God has placed within me to be a blessing. I'm honored that you would set "Laugh A Little" as your 1st "Children's Readers Lounge" addition. I sincerely thank you kindly.

To Gerry:

I'm excited to contribute to the welfare of society in any capacity. My books are not just for children, they will allow every reader to dream and equip them with the knowledge of "Greatness" within us all. They will bring your reality to you each and everyday, by building the essentials needed to be successful throughout your life and to pass that insight on to others.

I appreciate your comment and thank you for taking time out to let me know your thoughts. Blessings and smiles to you both always,

Singleton M. Tate

Oct 10, 2012
Just what is needed in Thailand too.
by: Gerry Skoyles

I'm always delighted to see good books for children popping up. I have two young Thai stepsons and in our home in Thailand they can't get enough English language books to feed their interest in learning the language. Great stuff! Keep them coming.

Oct 09, 2012
Love The Thought Behind The Book
by: Psymon H

Thank you for submitting your Author Billboard..After reading the blurb my thoughts are that the BC Book Club will make this the first book in our Children's Readers Lounge which should be ready in a week. I would like to take this time to wish you the best with "Laugh A Little"

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