Children's Books: Gavin's Goal For Gold Fish

by Wendy Williams
(Mildura Vic. (Australia))

“I love the story and the message “ – Joe

“I love the story and the message “ – Joe

“I love the story and the message “ – Joe
“exactly what I was looking for in a book… captured my classroom's attention “ – Yazmine
a great book for children to read if they want to know how to achieve their goals and I would highly recommend “ – Kevin
very inspiring and it will definitely motivate you to go after your dreams regardless of the naysayers”

Children's Books: Gavin's Goal For Gold Fish - Big crazy dreams for a little fish by Wendy Williams

Gavin’s Goal for Gold Fish is the story of a small fish who shares his bowl with many other goldfish. But Gavin is different he has a big dream to become a big fish in the big fish bowl and to play big fish games.

Join Gavin as he takes you on the journey of a lifetime from being a small fish in a small bowl to a life far more wondrous than even he could ever have imagined. He learns to ignore criticisms that don’t support him and knuckles down to learn everything he needs to ensure his dreams become a reality.

Gavin shows that with determination, persistence and the right mindset any and every dream is worth pursuing. But it’s not all easy going for Gavin he does have to face failure and a sense of low self-worth and along the way he meets others who assist him to go where other fish never even dream of.

Through the power of storytelling Gavin inspires children to embrace their dreams, to not give up despite criticism even from those closest to them and he sends the message that it’s OK to be yourself and it’s OK to have big crazy dreams of the future.

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What Readers Had To Say!
This book was adorable. I always look for new things to read to the children that I work with. I loved Gavin the fish and found him to be a strong character. He's feeling like he's just a fish in a big bowl, but he wants to be special. I think kids could easily relate to this book because sometimes they feel too small to accomplish their dreams.

I know that a lot of the kids that I work with love aquatic animals, so this book fit in perfectly. The illustrations were beautiful and very colorful. They were exactly what I was looking for in a book and they captured my classroom's attention. The storyline stands out in the book and I felt as though the children really enjoyed following Gavin on his adventure. This book teaches kids to be very brave and to fight for their dreams. As a parent or a teacher, this is a book that you need to read to your kids!


As a budding psychologist this book really is an exemplar of how impressionable the subconscious mind is to goals. What Gavin did is what we should all do when we have a big goal in our head. Fist visualize then narrow it down to exactly what you want. When Gavin had in his mind exactly what he wanted, in psychological terms it was implanted in his subconscious mind and it made it easier for him to plan exactly what he wanted.

Author Bio

Wendy lives with her family in Mildura Vic. (Australia) She loves to see children achieve. This book was written to inspire children to dream big and not let anyone destroy the dream because anything is possible – impossible is an opinion, an opinion you can choose to ignore if you wish to.

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Dec 20, 2014
by: Psymon H

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