Children's Books: Far Fetched

by William Armstrong

Children's Books: Far Fetched - Who Let The Cats Out?: (Two Cats and Their Spooky Halloween Adventures: A Story of Scary Monsters, Vampires, Ghosts and Dog Catchers and How Friendship Brings Them Home.)

When two indoor cats escape to the outdoors on Halloween, the family dog enlists the help of her dog and bird friends to track down the felines through some fur-raising adventures in order to bring them safely home, back to Mr. and Mrs. Valdez and their young daughter, Lyndsey.

Their travels take them through a scary cemetery, a rockin’ Halloween party, a Fall Festival, a harrowing hay ride, a spooky haunted house, and a fast ride on the world’s largest skateboard! Children of all ages will enjoy this tale of Merry, Mack, Fritz, Coco, Tippy, Wayne and Gordie as they go on their frightening and fun Halloween adventures. Their exciting experiences are packed with pumpkins, ghosts, a vampire, witches, trick-or-treaters, thrills and laughs. Above all, it’s a story about friends helping each other!

Author William P. Armstrong based the hilarious characters in this charming family adventure on the wonderful, sometimes crazy experiences he and his wife had with their own two cats and a Yellow Labrador Retriever. This fiction story, Far Fetched: Who Let The Cats Out, is not only a tale about the fun festivities of Halloween and the fear of being away from home for the first time. It’s also a story about appreciating what we have with our own family and friends in a safe and comfortable home.

Children from preschool through junior high school will learn valuable life lessons about responsibility, trust, gratitude and love. Adult readers will simply enjoy this lighthearted book about the Halloween chills and thrills experienced by the animals as they attempt to “beat the clock” in getting home.

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In this book, readers will meet the best friends a cat could ever have! Merry, the yellow Lab, is a dog who must learn patience and tolerance as she shares her home with Coco and Tippy, two, rambunctious black cats who are brother and sister.

The cats accidentally get moved outdoors with some bagged clothing donations for homeless people on Halloween afternoon. Merry gets help from two dogs next door. Mack, a former Army police dog, runs his backyard with the military precision of an Army post. His younger pal, Fritz, is a Greyhound who is energetic and enthusiastic about everything in life.

The dogs also recruit aerial assistance from two Blackpole Warblers from Canada, their feathered friends named Wayne and Gordie. It’s a race against the clock as the dogs and birds try to locate and rescue the missing cats in order to bring them back home, safe and sound, before the Valdez Family returns from an evening of trick or treating!

This book is especially great for reading aloud at home or at school, and helping children learn to read.

Far Fetched Is Available On Kindle, In Paperback And Free With Kindle Unlimited.

ISBN-10: 1495497984
ISBN-13: 978-1495497988

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I have two young daughters who read chapter books so I often like to read books before they do to see what kind of material they are reading. Far Fetched: Who Let the Cats Out? is a thick paperback for elementary school readers. It has 216 pages, but it has a large print so it was easy for me to read through it in a day.

It would take my beginning readers several days or a week at least to get through it. The story is full of action and adventure that made me want to keep reading to see what mischief the cats, Coco & Tippy, get into as their dog Merry searches for them. There are no illustrations inside the book, but the cover illustration is very descriptive and appealing.

The animals all have distinctive personalities that pulled me into the story. I think this story would appeal to kids and animal lovers of all ages. It has adventure, humor, and Halloween-theme elements that roll into a well-rounded story.

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May 21, 2015
by: Psymon H

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