Children's Books: EveryDad

by Chin Ko

Children's Books: EveryDad .

Babies change everything for every dad. From the moment that you heard that you were going to be a father until this very moment, your life has been filled with sweet moments, special memories and wishes for your child's future.

While not two children and no two dads are the same, every dad savors those sweet moments along the way and loves watching his child grow from a baby to a toddler to a little person who becomes a best buddy as much as a child.

EveryDad; is a story for all dads to share with their children. Each page presents a new poem that describes a split second in a dad and a child's life. Whimsical illustrations in full color bring each small snippet of time to life in a beautiful, charming way. Written by first time father Chin Ko, EveryDad; is a children's book meant to touch dads' hearts and delight their children. This book is designed for sharing before bed, during story time and any other time.

Tell your child that this book is your story, a special tale from when he or she was tiny. Go through the pages and watch a baby that could be any dad's baby grow. Remember those moments in your own life. Point out parts of the pictures to your child. Share your own anecdotes from your child's infancy and toddlerhood. Make the story your own. Create new memories as you recall the images of fond memories the book conjures. By the end of the book, you and your child will have had a truly special experience.

A great Father's Day gift for every dad to share with his child or for any child to receive for a special occasion, Every Dad; is beautiful, nostalgic, poignant, and most of all, fun. Get your copy and look back on past memories while creating new ones.

EveryDad Is Available On Hardcover.

ISBN-10: 0692389733
ISBN-13: 978-0692389737

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Author Bio

Chin Ko is an imaginative artist who takes his whimsical daydreams and creates beautiful artwork to share with the world. With years of experience in media, animation, film, video games, advertisement, books and magazines, Chin has developed a unique style of storytelling as he creates his artwork. A proud graduate of the prestigious Otis College of Art + Design, Chin sharpened and polished his craft as a creator. It was those skills along with Chin s unshakable dedication to his work that landed him the wonderful opportunities to work as the Conceptual Artist for Star Wars, The Force Unleashed.

Since his days working as a Jedi with the drawing tablet, Chin has found a new, happy home at Sony Pictures Animation as the Visual Development Artist. Chin loves his job and the ability to create art he know will bring a smile to people s faces all over the world. When he isn t creating magic at the studio, Chin can be found walking along the beach, daydreaming with his gorgeous wife and kid.

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Jun 17, 2015
by: Psymon H

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