Children's Book: The Boy Who Spoke to God

by Randa Handler



A very well-told tale with a very important message!

The Boy Who Spoke to God Kindle Edition.

Unable to agree on their ideas about God and religious celebrations, four different ethnic tribes—Greeks, Chinese, Zulus, and Mayans—who live together harmoniously most of the year, combining aspects of each of their cultures to make their kingdom strong and prosperous, suddenly become divisive when religious holidays approach. During such times, they cannot agree on the timing or manner of religious traditions, and they each have their own god who looks and dresses as they do.

When Niko, a young Greek boy, has several dreams of God, each tribe interprets the various details of his dreams according to its own view of God, further emphasizing the tribes’ differences in beliefs. Subsequently, Niko is shunned for having created even more disharmony and for lying to the tribes, or so they think, as no one believes he dreamed of God.

To clear up all the confusion and arrive at the truth, Niko begs God to manifest in one final dream. This time, God shows him that the tribes’ beliefs are actually different expressions of the same god. Niko concludes that God is like colorless and formless iridescent light and the beliefs of all tribes about their gods are correct, as these gods are like colors of the rainbow that derive from white light.

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By Israel Drazin TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on September 25, 2013

This is a really good book because it teaches that despite differences in religions, beliefs, ceremonies, and traditions among people, God is the God of everyone, and people should not let their differences separate them from others. The story is told in an excellent easy to understand fashion, with delightful colorful drawings, and children will understand this important lesson.

The tale focuses on a seven-year old boy who lives in a country where there are four radically different religions. Each has its own customs, such as when New Years is to be celebrated. All of the groups get together nicely and are able to produce almost magical works when they act together, but this stops, and disharmony develops, whenever they focus on their religious differences. The nation's king thinks that he could erase this disharmony by insisting that all his people observe the same religion, but the people do not want to do this.

Then the boy has dreams in which God explains to him that he is the God of all. "Happiness has as many colors as the rainbow.... All beliefs are okay as long as they don't cause people to hurt one another."
The message is good, but it takes time for it to be understood by the people. There are problems at first. But then God, through the boy, explains all; and the people of the nation, as well as children who read the tale, understand this most important lesson.


Randa Handler
is an international journalist, publicist and publisher. Her interview with actor Rock Hudson (his last) was published worldwide. In 2003, Handler moved into publishing, successfully launching an educational series of children's books used as 'lesson plans' by elementary school teachers. She is currently dedicated to writing and illustrating children's books. She almost always tries to encompass multiracial characters to instill, in her early readers, acceptance and tolerance of diversity.


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Dec 10, 2015
by: Psymon H

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