Children's Book: Stop Snoring Grandpa!

by Kally Mayer

Children's Book: Stop Snoring Grandpa! Stop Snoring Grandpa! (Children's Book) Funny Rhyming Bedtime Story Picture Book for Beginner Readers (ages 2-8) ("Learning and Laughing Books- Beginner Readers" 3).

If you have a Grandpa, you will LOVE this funny, heart-warming story!
Beautifully illustrated bedtime story that children, parents, and grandparents will love!

A funny, endearing, and sweet story about a family who is becoming sleep deprived because of Grandpa's very loud snoring.
Perfect story to celebrate the special relationship between a family and their Grandpa.

Find out how the family solves the issue. The ending will make you smile.

If you have a Grandpa, who snores or not, you will enjoy this book!

Stop Snoring Grandpa! Is Available On Kindle, In paperback and Free With Kindle Unlimited.


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Do you have a grandpa? Do you know if he snores? Do you know what snoring is? Sometime in your life you may encounter someone who snores, this book may help you decide what to do. The author, Kally Mayer, has loved to read her entire life. Her parents wondered if she would ever come out of her room, she liked reading so much. She has children and grandchildren of her own, now, and she decided she would like to write her own children's stories.

This is a rollicking fun story filled with good and warm thoughts of grandpa. In this lovely town, in a yellow house, lived this little boy, his mom and dad, his sister Sue, and baby Kate. They also have a fish and dog. Grandpa lived with them, also. This little boy liked to sit on his grandpa's lap while grandpa read him a story.

He also liked to read recipes to grandpa when grandpa cooked. Everything was lovely in this family except for one thing. No one could sleep at night because grandpa snored so loudly. It kept the entire family, the neighbors and some of the town awake. This was a very tired family.

One day Grandpa went to the hospital because he was ill, and when you read this book, you will understand how the family coped without grandpa. Parents/teachers will enjoy reading this book to their children. Children will like this book because it is funny and happy, and the book is written in rhyme. Most children love books written in rhyme. The illustrations by Abria Das are bright and vibrant, and they depict the adventures of this happy family. This is such a fun book to read,everyone will enjoy it.

Author Bio

Kally Mayer is the oldest of 7 children and has always loved writing and poetry. She recalls her mother being concerned that she read so much that she never came out of her room.
Working as a Youth worker with special needs children, Kally has been around children her whole life.

She really enjoys entertaining them with her silly rhymes and made up stories.

Kally has 3 children and three grandchildren which has inspired her to publish books for younger children.
Kally believes that literacy is an important indicator of the success of your child and entertaining them while reading is key. Gone are the days of Dick and Jane.
The more fun you and your child have, the more you will hook them into reading!

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Jun 24, 2015
by: Psymon H

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