Children's Book: Plip Plap Plop Teaser Book

by Ibk Akin (Author), Pawon Art (Illustrator)



Children's Book: Plip Plap Plop Teaser Book - Short Factoid Book Kindle Edition.

This is a prelude factoid book for the Plip Plap Plop Series. This Book introduces some of the characters in BOOK 1 (Fazo's Junk). Miranda and Zach are best friends and do everything together.

Zach's crazy inventor uncle left Zach some of his inventions in passing.

As they go through his stuff they stumble upon a teleporting ball and unknowingly use it a few times
His uncle also had a robot who could help them on some of their adventures. Tain and his goons is the main enemy who opposes them on their adventures

In this introduction children's eBook, Selena, Fred and Mr Lee the wordbot is introduced. These characters make a cameo appearance in Book 1 (Children's eBook) Fazo's junk. To get a sample teaser chapters for FREE of BOOK 1 of the series be sure to check out the contents pages of this factoid book or visit the website and sign up to get your free chapters and other sweet notifications right away.

The Plip Plap Plop Series is geared towards children ages 6-9. It is a Beginner Readers eBook and also a chapter book for children. It has plenty of Action and Adventure to check out. The power and origin of words is one way the series have been described. Be sure to check out this children's eBook series today.

BOOK 1 Fazo's Junk also contains time travel, superhero robots, superheroes, people and places and words. Take a journey with the characters as they time travel and find humorous origins of words, and surprisingly strong goons who are also trying to steal words from existence. The brave group go through extensive social situations in this series. A book series filled with suspence, action & adventure, history, people & Places, emotions and feelings and everyday life.

Factoid Book again is the free teaser Children's eBook for the Plip Plap Plop Series. Juvenile Fiction

A healthy children's eBook series for children.

Interview with the Author:

Que: What inspired you to write your first book?

Answer: I think like almost every other person in the world. I have always wanted to write a book but having an endless collection of story ideas is probably what makes some authors different from say others. The idea behind the Plip Plap Plop series is one of those ideas that kept coming back over and over again. I finally decided to start write this children’s book after I finished a course on This is a Children's eBook series and I am excited to be in this genre writing for children

Que: How did you come up with the title?

Answer: Coming up with the “random” title for this Children's eBook actually took a long time. I had lots of ideas for a title that were dismantled, tossed and rejected by my test squad (My Youth group of kids that I teach every week). Finally we started leaning towards a unique name that tipped on the ‘ridiculous but poked your interest side’. Plip Plap Plop is the sound that the teleporting ball makes that the kids find in the story. Plip Plap Plop – Fazo’s junk is book 1 of the Beginning Series. There will be a Middle and Final series to follow.

Que: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Answer: Enjoy my debut Children's eBook but please feedback, feedback, feedback. Authors can only get better when they hear from their fans and critic


lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was originally born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. IBK enjoys traveling and adventure. He has a talent for story telling and has only just started putting his words to paper. IBK works in children's programs across the province of Manitoba. IBK's debut series is the Plip Plap Plop series.

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Mar 03, 2016
by: Psymon H

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