Children's Book - MO: The Talking Dog

by Michelle Booth

Michelle Booth

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Fun animal adventure story for children aged around 8-12 years of age featuring Mo the talking dog, Mimic the talking parrot, and Martin, a 12-year-old boy who is struggling to deal with the school bullies.

Have you ever wondered what your dog would say if he/she could talk? You don't have to wonder anymore! This is the story of a puppy who can't bark. He is rescued from drowning by 12-year-old Martin, who adopts him and calls him Mo. Martin's Dad, Henry, is a veterinarian and he gets a scientist friend to grow Mo a new voicebox.

After Henry operates on him to implant the voicebox, Mo starts making human-like sounds and his new family realize that life is about to get a lot more interesting! The family parrot, Mimic, helps teach Mo how to talk - they both learn a lot from children's television.

Mo soon starts making friends and enjoying scaring cats and the odd seagull with his unique ability. But he's also making enemies as well ...


As a Mum and a teacher, Michelle has always been on the lookout for stories that engage children's imagination, keep them turning the pages and get them asking questions afterwards. She feels books should stretch their thinking and help them deal with the sort of issues they are likely to face. In this book, one of those is bullying.

'Mo' is in the 8-12 reading bracket but obviously children's reading ability (and inclination!) varies tremendously.

There are no nightmare-inducing scenes. For children, at least. It might be different for parents, as the thought of the family dog joining in the chorus of "Mum. Mum. Mum. MUM!" is enough to give any parent nightmares!

Baddies, in 'Home Alone' fashion, are depicted as somewhat inept, to reduce concerns children may have about Mo being harmed. They can see he's smarter than the people who are out to get him! When he is in danger, he is rescued by resourceful children - to give the child reader encouragement about their own abilities.

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Michelle Booth was born Michelle Campbell in a hospital in Liverpool, UK. She was a few weeks late and has struggled to catch up ever since.

Before becoming a full-time author, she was a teacher, specializing in computers. Her hobbies include field archery (using pretend targets, not real animals), swimming, history, dogs, horses, hens, llamas, aquaponics, archery, health, reading, and writing.

She lives in a little market town in England with her family of humans, dogs, and hens. One day she would like to add 3 llamas to the mix - and a huge Shire horse!

Michelle is currently writing the story of Mo’s next adventures, ‘Arise, Sir Mo’.

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Sep 15, 2014
by: Psymon H

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