Children's Book: minecraft adventure kids fiction

by James huang



Books for kids, minecraft adventure kids fiction.

This story is about a seventeen year old girl Abigale who has planned for a road trip with her friends Luke and Maureen.

She is really excited for this trip and Luke drives the car. They decide that they would go to the corn maze first. They are on their way to the corn maze when they see a sudden end of the road. This was really surprising for the three friends.

They get out of the car to explore the surroundings and solve the mystery of the sudden end of the road. They see a small hut and go in there and see a man. That man tells the three friends that he is the governor of the mystic world. First the three friends did not believe the man but then they did because a simple man could not make a sudden end to the road.

The governor tells the three friends that it is their mission to save the earth along with the mystic world. He told them that like humans some ghosts are good and some are bad.

The worst ghost of the mystic world is the DEMON WITH YELLOW EYES and they have to capture him. If three friends won’t be able to capture the demon in time the demon will find the biggest Diamond of the universe from the coal mines and enter the earth (because the portal to Earth is made of different stones including the diamond. there are only two of the diamonds. The governor has one of it and the has not been found yet).

If that creature enters the earth he will destroy everything except water because are allergic to water (except the water ghosts.)

Will Maureen, Luke and Abigale, the three friends, be able to capture the powerful demon in time?

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Great book. There are lots of book about Minecraft this days. But this is one of the best I have. My niece have been playing Minecraft for quite a long time, and we frequently play it together as a family.

In Minecraft, children experiment, go out on a limb and gain from their slip-ups in a fun and drawing in environment. I utilize it all the time in self-teach, for things like showing social scripts and building Egyptian pyramids and clarifying the way auto motors work... it's a truly convenient instrument for me. Recommended to everyone.

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Aug 18, 2015
by: Psymon H

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