Children's Book: Johnny Dash and the Doral Flower

by Liam Sky (Narrator), Jay Lion (Narrator)



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Due to an unexpected tragedy, Johnny Dash is forced to set forth on a dangerous journey in which he will have to cross the City of Normal Humans —from which his great-great-grandparent Maverick Dash and other persons were expelled for mysterious reasons— searching for a fantastic place where the marvelous Doral Flower grows which is the only thing that can save his lovely village from destruction; however, he knows going alone is too risky.

Thus, after a huge effort, he managed to gather nine brave citizens to go with him on his adventure, each one with an especial ability. He will have to fight, along with them, against the wildest depredators, the cruelest natural phenomena and, especially, the invincible guardian of the flower.

Johnny Dash will make many friends throughout his journey, will discover his great powers and will find true love in the least expected person. Also, he will have to show his bravery and power of Hope when fighting for something he does not know whether he might be able to achieve.

Is it worth it to fight for our dreams even when they seem impossible?

Can true love overcome everything? How much are we willing to sacrifice in order to save our loved ones?

All of this in a completely additive, original and easy to read novel that will surprise you and make you fall in love from chapter one till the incredible, happy, sad, surprising and unexpected ending. Suitable for everyone who enjoys a good story, regardless of the genre, age or level of education.

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Mar 03, 2016
by: Psymon H

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