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Our children’s book club and author network has been growing week on week and outpacing some of our other genres. It has always been our mission to help and encourage the next generation of little adults to enjoy reading. We have our children’s authors to thank for always producing great books.

With so many sweet reads around, we thought we would add a free chapter feature for moms, dads and pint-size bookworms.

As we receive more free chapters, we will list the titles on the right of this hub-page.

Our first free chapter comes from the Children's 8-16 book ‘Andee The Aquanaut: Guardian of the Great Seas (Andee The Aquanaut Trilogy)

by author Simon James House.

Simon James House was born in London. He has always been highly creative with a strong and vivid imagination. Simon spends most of his time now living in-between London and Sydney, Australia, where his passions are surfing and writing. He constantly seeks new and creative ways to express himself; one of these ways being through writing fiction stories.

 His passion for writing motivates him to create inspiring works that are 

original and innovative, sparking the reader's imagination, taking them on a journey into his world. Simon is also the creator and president of the FreeForma clothing line and the inventor of the classic surf/skateboard FreeForma bike. Simon supports cetaceans in distress by donating a percentage of profits from sales of the Andee the Aquanaut Trilogy to worthy organizations worldwide.

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Andee is a young boy living on an island. His parents are marine biologists who search the reef for new sea-life that could cure illnesses. Andee befriends two young dolphins, Tingo and Tango. One day a great storm rips across the island and the waves pull Andee out to sea.

In their dinghy, in the storm, his parents are lost forever. Tingo and Tango save Andee and he becomes one with his new dolphin family. Little does he know - he is the Chosen One. Many quests and adventures await him. Special powers are given to him, allowing him to be one of the great and legendary Aquanauts of the Marine Kingdom; the Lost City.

His purpose at first is to assist and protect all marine life. But he’s destined for a far greater purpose than that. Sent on quests and adventures by the Wise White Dolphin, he faces turmoil beyond his imagination and discovers that there are many dark and evil forces standing in his way.


Our First Children's Book Club Free Chapter Begins Below

Chapter Three: ANDEE and the WISE WHITE DOLPHIN

From that day on, Andee and the dolphins lived in the underwater cave on the island. Andee swam with Tingo and Tango and his new dolphin parents. He learnt how to communicate with his new family and to swim like a dolphin with great speed. He also grew in size and strength and was able to hold his breath for very long periods.

Over time, all of the marine life grew to know, love and respect Andee.

Tingo and Tango had also grown into fine, strong dolphins and were able to move through the water with great speed and grace. They were both very proud of Andee, and they loved him like a brother.

However, there was something on Andee's mind and the dolphins knew it.

One morning, Andee awoke from his bed of seaweed, giving a large yawn and stretch. He had woken up very early, much earlier than usual - even before the dolphins. He thought he would go exploring. He’d never really explored the cave before, but today he was looking for answers.

So, he set off down and through the tunnels of the cave. Deeper and deeper he went, down into the darkness, until he came to a watery light.

It was another underwater opening.

Andee took the deepest breath he’d ever taken and dived further down into the icy-cold water. He swam deeper than he’d ever gone before.

But there were no dolphins there to help him and Andee was losing his breath. The icy-cold water was slowing him down and he was growing weaker and weaker. He couldn’t hold his breath for much longer.

And then, just as he thought he couldn’t go any further, he saw what looked like a small pool of light up ahead.

Andee rose to the surface and opened his lungs for the largest breath of his life. It was like he’d been born again!

He realised he was in yet another underwater cave, but this cave was different. It was special. This cave was pearly-white in colour and felt smooth to touch. It felt like silk.

‘Where am I?’ thought Andee.

He looked around and there were strange artefacts strewn all over the floor of the cave. It seemed as if people had lived there once, a long time ago. Now, however, there was nobody around.

“Hello, is anyone here? Hello?” he called. But only the sound of his own voice came back to him.

“Hello, hello?” There was no sign of life anywhere.

Suddenly, there was a loud rush of water behind him and he turned around in fright. To his surprise it was a dolphin. But this dolphin was different; this one was white in colour from nose to tail with golden and turquoise eyes.

Andee gasped as the Wise White Dolphin began to speak. 

“We knew this day would come, Andee,” he said in a wise and grandfatherly voice. “You have found the Lost City. The people that lived here were Kings and Queens of the Oceans, long before our time. They protected all of the marine life, far and wide across the Great Seas.

These treasures are precious and must never come into contact with humans. You have been chosen, Andee. You have been given a precious gift, a gift that comes with great responsibility. You must use it well.”

 And with that the Wise White Dolphin disappeared.


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What Readers Are Saying!

This is the first book in a trilogy aimed at readers age six through twelve. While the chapters are short, there are twenty-four making it a very long book for a child at the lower end of that range. It could be a read aloud, but a child might not be patient enough to wait that long to hear the ending.

At the outset, the reader meets Andee, a young boy who lives on an island with his parents who are marine biologists studying the coral reef in an effort to find new medicines and cures for illnesses. Andee enjoys playing with Tingo and Tango his dolphin friends. One day a storm whips in as his parents are out in the dinghy and Andee is playing onshore. Andee's dolphin family rescues him and brings him to an underwater cave. As Andee explores his new surroundings, he meets the Wise White Dolphin who guides him to the cave of the Lost City.The dolphin informs him that he has been chosen to be guardian and protector of the seas.

Andee is given a magical suit that allows him to swim faster than the dolphins. As he learns to use his powers, Andee will experience many adventures. He will succeed in rescuing his dolphin friends from pirate fishermen, protect the eggs of sea turtles from poachers, swim with manta rays, and communicate with the jellyfish. A giant tooth may literally become the key to lost treasures, and the merpeople may be able to help him locate the parents he thought that he had lost. Andee comes close to death many times; the ending to the first book is a cliff hangar.

The book is a mixture of adventure, fact, legend, science and coming of age themes. There are a few editing errors. I did find it a bit strange that the story is told in past tense. Still there is a nice balance of elements that appeal to early readers, and the plot has enough depth and moves along at a good pace. Illustrations are well done and encourage the reader to visualize the adventures. Recommended for readers ages eight and up. Buyers should note that the author donates a portion of profits to marine research.

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