Children's Book - Beta Planet: Rise

by Dayton Grey

In 2031, fifteen-year-old Geon awakes from a coma with a biolimb arm in a postapocalyptic tech-driven world he barely recognizes. Climate catastrophes—the EarthShift—have reduced the livable landmass to a mere 1 percent, and the EndWar has killed much of the human population off. The remaining governing bodies have united into the Coalition Against the Reduction of Earth—CARE—and severely restrict all facets of life. Geon, along with his sister, two foster brothers, and new caretaker, learns to survive in a society where every aspect of life is controlled.

At first, he’s happy to have a second chance, thrust into his first day of school, surrounded by confusing 3-D holograms and into the heart-pounding new sport of JetSurf. On the surface, things seem optimistic.

But strange occurrences and a mysterious message from a supposedly dead old friend make Geon suspicious of CARE. Driven by a burning desire to know the truth, the foursome venture out in covert death-risking night missions to discover what CARE is hiding. Their search reveals a world of illegal holographic JungleWars, a secret underground society, and opulent hidden cities where only the elite survive.

Ultimately, they discover a sinister plot to control the population and a dark truth about the planet's future. Geon must risk everything to expose CARE—or abandon millions of citizens to a horrible fate.

What One Reader Had To Say!

The other reviewers didn't mention this but all the characters in this book are multi-cultural, of mixed ethnicities. It takes place in the near future, so that's a very realistic depiction of the next generation. My kids are of mixed backgrounds too, so when I found out about the book, I had to have it! Its hard to find good books where the characters are mixed and not of the standard "stereotypes."

I wouldn't exactly call this book the next harry potter like the other reviewers, because lets face it, there will probably never be another "harry potter" in our lifetime. Its hard enough to get kids to put down their iPad and even read books now! That being said, I try and make reading fun and exciting for my "young adults" (ages 8 and 12), and was recommended this book from Amazon's shopping algorithm. The main reason I even clicked on it was because of the cover to be honest, but the story looked really interesting and the price was reasonable, considering its nearly 400 pages!

I have to say, my kids and I all loved the book. The artwork is beautiful, the characters are well defined and developed throughout the story, and the story itself is really interesting with twists that aren't as obvious as others. I tried guessing what was going to happen but found myself surprised at every turn. My kids, too, love when I do the voices of some of the characters, but they're a bit too old to have me reading it to them anyways!

Definitely highly recommend this to any parent looking for that fun adventure book for their kids!

Author Bio

Mystery author Dayton Grey was born in the Midwest, schooled in the East Coast, and now lives in the West Coast. In the seventh grade, he inadvertently won a regional creative writing tournament, planting a seed that has slowly grown. Twenty years later he now presents Beta Planet: Rise, his debut novel. His aim is to provide children the same sense of adventure and excitement he had growing up with his favorite novels.

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Jan 29, 2015
by: Psymon H

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