Children's Book: A Knight's Life

by Christina Johnson

Children's Book: A Knight's Life - (Children's Books by Age 5-8) (Children's Interactive Adventure Series Book 3).

Join the friends on an interactive adventure where you might have to fight a dragon, get past a wicked troll, or trek through a stinky swamp to get to the castle so you can rescue the princess! You get to decide how the adventure will go in this interactive children's book! A wonderfully illustrated picture book for kids!

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A little more about Joe, Sam, & Fred:

Meet Fred the mouse. He’s very tenacious, resourceful, and ambitious. His goal is to build the tallest cheese tower in the world…and then eat every last bite! Fred has two very good friends...

Meet Joe the elephant. He’s down-to-earth, dependable and a bit stubborn. (Don’t ever mess with a stubborn elephant!) He loves to hang out and make new friends any chance he gets!

And last (but certainly not least!)…..

Meet Sam the dog. He’s enthusiastic, adventurous, and independent. He just loves to play, play, play!

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Canadian author Christina Johnson is gathering such a following with her interactive children's books that it seems only right to share some information about her. She as born in British Columbia (Okanagan to be precise), moved to Alberta for her early schooling, then back to British Columbia for her Bachelor degree in Sociology & Psychology, and now she spends her hours helping children and raising her family. Lucky for us she has turned to writing, stimulated by her own young son, and the result is a series of books (such as Joe, Sam, & Fred Help Save Christmas) that keep flowing from her rich imagination and clever writing skills. She is presenting a series of `Choose your own story' books which allows the reader (child or adult) to select alternate ways a story can progress. In this book we again meet Joe (the elephant), Sam (the dog) and Fred (the mouse) and this time she is aided by the fine illustrations of artist Kaviya Pugazhendi.

The challenge that faces our three friends is a princess sequestered in a castle guarded by a dragon. In their knightly gear they set out - the first choice they (and the reader) makes is whether to go through a swamp or take the easy path to the castle. Hearing a sound they have another choice to make - look up and see a fire-breathing dragon which they must fight or proceed to the edge of the swamp where they encounter a troll with a game for gold. On they go to the castle where the princess is held and more decisions must be made as to how to rescue her. Yet even with the rescue come more surprises and choices and the fun goes on and on - with a happy ending, of course.

Books such as these by Christina Johnson blend entertainment and skills at making decisions and at the same time allow complete creativity to reign. Let's hops she keeps up the series! Grady Harp.

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Jun 21, 2015
by: Psymon H

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