Cathy Williams: From Slave to Buffalo Soldier

by Phillip Thomas Tucker, Ph.D.



(Women's History, American History, "Old West History, African American History)
Cathy Williams: From Slave to Buffalo Soldier Kindle Edition.

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Women in the United States military have received more recognition than ever in recent years, but women also played vital roles in battles and campaigns of previous generations. Cathy Williams served as Pvt. William Cathay from 1866 to 1868 with the famed Buffalo Soldiers who patrolled the 900-mile Santa Fe Trail.

Tucker traces her life from her birth as a slave near Independence, Missouri, to her service in Company A, 38th U.S. Infantry, one of the six black units formed following the Civil War. Cathy Williams remains the only known African American woman to have served as a Buffalo Soldier in the Indian Wars. Her remarkable story continues to represent a triumph of the human spirit.


"The prize-winning author tells the remarkable tale of Pvt. William Cathay of Company A, 38th U. S. Infantry, who in fact was a big-boned, 5' 7" black woman named Cathy Williams . . .Tucker's work is a recommended read that reaches across categories from American, African American, and military history to Western and women's history."
--Thomas J. Davis, Arizona State University

"In his new book, published just in time for Black History Month, Phillip Thomas Tucker investigates the life of Cathy Williams, the first female slave to join the U.S. Army . . . Tucker sets her story against the backdrop of the Civil War and the post-war campaigns of the Buffalo Soldiers and recounts the famous and obscure battles, skirmishes and marches in great detail and offers plenty of historical information, covering geography, agriculture, and economics."
--Sun Herald

"Cathy Williams' story is now available to a whole new generation who can take
courage from her strength and determination."
--Leigh Ann Berry, Publishing Editor

"the first African-American woman to enlist in the U.S. military."

"In his most recent book, one that seems to practically reverberate with the sounds of history, Tucker has masterfully inked a compelling tribute to a woman who would have perhaps otherwise been forgotten."
--Prince George's (Maryland) Sentinel

"this stunning work by Tucker about the strength of character which allowed her to make her way in a sexist and racist world. Her patriotism and self-reliance are amazing . . . "
--Blue and Gray Magazine

"a fascinating story in the vein of a documentary which allows readers to experience
a non-traditional, non-typical life for a 'Colored' woman in the 1800's. Tucker uses this story line to captivate and educate, and he introduces a believable character who unknowingly and unintentionally chartered a course for the role of today's women in all branches of the military. This story vividly brings to life another chapter of our colorful history."

"According to Tucker, Williams was a remarkable African-American woman of courage, determination, and perseverance. Serving with pride and distinction, this young woman
who proudly wore the blue uniform of the West's legendary guardians was America's first
and only female buffalo soldier."

"the story of another Missourian, Cathy Williams, who disguised herself as a man to join the all-black Buffalo Soldiers. Tucker reveals her history in his book, Cathy Williams from Slave to Female Buffalo Soldier."
--Today, University of Central Missouri

"Phil Tucker, chief historian for the 81st Training Wing, said as both a historian and an author, he likes to recognize people like Williams, who have made significant contributions to American military history, but are sometimes overlooked. This is why he recently wrote a full-length biography on Williams . . . James McPherson, a Civil War historian from Princeton University, said Tucker is emerging as 'one of the most prolific Civil War historians' and Perry Jamieson, historian at Bolling AFB, said, 'He Tucker is a creative, innovative thinker who has a gift for conceiving and outlining original works in serious history'."
--Keesler News

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