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Stop Being A Business Zombie.
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Business Strategy

How you can find new meaning in work, spirituality and life. (Exploring Business, Business Strategy, Time Management and Business Skills)

Des McCabe, (Best Selling ‘Hay House’ Author of the highly acclaimed Work It Out!: How to Find the Work You Always Wanted in a Shifting Jobs Market) - provides a powerful new approach that helps us to work smarter, be more effective and make the most of opportunities in all parts of our lives...

‘Stop Being A Business Zombie - How you can find new meaning in work, spirituality and life.’ - takes familiar business terms such as time management, personal development and team building and gives us a totally different perspective on each.

This truly refreshing approach will lift you above a traditional business mind-set by offering new linkages and fresh insights. Thoughtful, challenging and inspiring, each of the ‘new definitions’ takes you in a direction least expected and along a path that engages you – helping you to generate additional ideas and find new meaning in common everyday situations so that you can become truly happy with your work-life balance.

Here are the 50 business terms that Des has re-defined in this ground-breaking book….

Hitting Targets --- Case Study --- Photocopying --- Click and Collect --- Self-Development --- Currency Flipping --- Stationery --- Successful --- All inclusive --- Business Partners --- Asset Management --- Sole Trader --- Annual Performance Review --- Memo --- Quantitative Easing --- Business Appraisal --- Re-inventing the Wheel --- Kindness Policy --- Mystery Shopper --- Terms of Reference --- The Cloud --- Product Life Cycle --- Leadership --- The Bottom Line --- Breakfast Briefing --- Bespoke Toolbar --- Paradigm Shift --- Profits --- Money Laundering --- Reboot --- Diversifying --- Cash Flow --- Business Development --- Joint Venture --- To Do List --- Team Building Exercise (Monkey Puzzle) --- Exchange Rates --- Time Management --- The Plan --- Curriculum Vitae --- Outward Bound --- Time Saving Technology --- Equality at Work --- Google Maps --- Disciplinary Procedure --- Outplacement --- Return on Investment --- Interior Design --- Thinking Outside The Box --- Re-branding.

In many ways this is the alternative management book. No matter what business or profession you are in this is essential reading for all – breaking new ground with a clarity reminiscent of the best of business writers such as Malcolm Gladwell, Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie or Brian Tracy.

‘Stop Being A Business Zombie - How you can find new meaning in work, spirituality and life.’ suggests that the old corporate world of greed can be replaced by a kinder, more compassionate and indeed more effective framework - one that supports all of us, promotes new opportunities and drives success for all.

This is a different take on corporate life and the true nature of work. Des McCabe has started to rewrite the traditional business manual. We should join him.

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Free Chapter Samples

1. Hitting Targets

If you throw a stone

to hit a stick in the water

you can easily miss.

Try again.


If you keep repeating this

you can miss many times

using up your resources.

And time.


You can however pick up a handful of pebbles

and throw them all together

easily bombarding your target.


2. Case Study



We used to pay for flights that included the cost of

 placing our suitcases on the airplane. Baggage handlers got

paid for putting our suitcases in the hold.


Now we save money and make do by taking just one small

bag on board. We carry our own cabin bag.


Is your organization still in suitcase mode?


And what about you?


Cabin bag only please.

19. Mystery Shopper



Buy one and get one free.

Green Shield Stamps.

Nectar Card.

Air Miles.


Smart Rewards.

Two for the price of one.

Premier Points.




Loyalty rewards.

Tiger Tokens.

50% off.


Double points.

Gift Certificates.


Frequent Flyer.


Christmas Club.

Introductory Bonus.

Buy three - cheapest one free.

Trading Stamps.


Free gift.

Sale price.

Buy one - get one half price.

Blue cross day.


Why do more of the same?


Make an offer that really counts.


 22. Product Life Cycle



My display until date is Thursday

My best before date is Friday

My use by date is Saturday

My recycling date is Sunday


When should I take stock?


26. Bespoke Toolbar



Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

What three gifts have you been given on your toolbar?



I am good with my hands.

I can sing.

I can write articles and stories.

I can remember numbers.

I can find things quickly.

I can bring calmness to situations.

I am a great organiser.

I can use a computer.

I can make people laugh.

I am strong.

I can knit.

I love sorting out problems.

I can run fast.

I can draw.

I can tell when something’s not right.

I can make wine.

I am good with children.

I am creative.

I can talk to older people.

I can work with animals.

I can build things.

I can do jigsaws and puzzles.

I can dance.

I can grow vegetables and flowers.

I am imaginative.

I can drive.

I can write poems.

I can get things done.



What three gifts have you been given?

 33. Business Development



The original Business model was straightforward. It was about profit and building a business. The Mill owners of the Industrial Revolution had a simple focus.


Over the years other elements have impacted upon that business model - employee rights, consumer protection, international laws, staff development, government interventions of all sorts, commodity pricing, corporate social responsibility, exchange rates, global outsourcing, internet marketing, health and safety and much more.


The local business entity of the industrial revolution has now become much more complex in a global interconnected world. Interestingly though, our concept of what business is and how it should work is still defined by that original model. In short, we keep adding on more ‘hi-tech’ features to the vehicle without really looking at the 250 year old chassis. This cumulative approach needs disassembling.


Henry Ford used to make all his cars in black but those days have long gone.  Likewise, the ‘one size fits all’ approach to business is no longer relevant. Perhaps we should be exploring many models driven not by history but by needs, situations and opportunities – however defined.


Sociology, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, environmentalism, technology and the arts can all offer key insights to new ways in. The Internet evolution should be our starting point and not the Industrial revolution. It’s time for us not just to think outside of the box – but to get out of the box and build new business containers.


38. Time Management



Take ten minutes each day

to reflect, review

and to do nothing.


Get out of the tramlines

escape from the zombie box of doing,

be yourself, explore your future.


Leave the world

that others dictate behind

for this is not your life.


 44. Google Maps



Imagine what your life will be like exactly three years from now…

 What will your work be?  Where will you be living?


If you’d like to be somewhere different from where you are now

then sit down and write out what your destination looks like.


Now, what are the key steps to get you there?

You have to take a new route

Create your google life map


Remember, if you keep doing what you’ve always done

you’ll keep getting the same result.

You’ll still be in the same place in three years.


 49. Thinking Outside The Box


Imagine if we go through life

asking the wrong questions.


What if our focus is solely on self and now?


Do we not realise that there was a time

when we were not here

- an eternity before we existed?


And do we not realise there will be a time

when we will not be here

- an eternity still to come?


So, what questions are you asking?


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