Business & Money: Social Wealth

by Jason Treu

Business & Money: Social Wealth - How to Build Extraordinary Relationships By Transforming the Way We Live, Love, Lead and Network

Have you ever admired those successful, confident, motivated, and charismatic people who seem to have it all? They've climbed the corporate ladder quickly or started a great business. Their love life is amazing and they have fantastic friends. They've made all the right connections. They've mastered networking and how to build relationships. They're very persuasive and created significant influence with people. And...all of this has opened up limitless opportunities for them.

What's their secret? What breakthroughs have they learned that you haven't?

They have figured out the biggest predicator for success is...Social Wealth

Everything we create in life is with or through other people. No one goes it alone.

We value our experiences and relationships with other people above everything else.

Your legacy comes down to becoming rich in all your relationships.

Stuck in your career? Wishing you could find passionate love in your life? Want to be a top producer in your field? Having trouble building business relationships and networking? Want to improve your leadership, social, communication, and emotional skills? Desire to create more meaningful connections with people in your life? Do you want to have more influence and persuasion? Do you want to be more vulnerable, authentic, confident and courageous?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions...

Social Wealth will give you the blueprint and action steps you've been looking for to achieve the success you desire and deserve.

The reality is no one is born with this information and skills. No one sits you down to explain how it works, and you certainly don't learn this in your education. These are learned skills and behaviors.

By the time you finish this book, you are going to have a bullet-proof, passion-fueled strategy built on the skills and confidence of learning what others don't know. You will have the power to define what you want, spot potential obstacles to your success, and the tools and skills to get exactly what you want.

In this how to guide, you'll learn to:
* Create the powerful, life-changing "Social Wealth Mindset™"
* Leverage scientifically proven, field-tested human behavior insights
* Master essential social, communication, influencer, leadership, charisma and emotional skills
* Embrace vulnerability, authenticity, generosity and imperfection to courageously engage with others and create meaningful connections
* Create true belonging and build relationships that matter
* Develop a "real world" social media plan to put it all together for your personal and professional life.

You will also get free guide, 15 Social Wealth Tools, to help you get results quicker.

Then it just comes down to a little action, practice, commitment and patience.

Don't waste your time, hard work and money any longer. Learn the path to creating the life you want on your terms.

Social Wealth Is Available On Kindle, On Audio And Free With Kindle Unlimited.


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Read What One Book Reviewer Had To Say Below!

Roughly a century ago, Dale Carnegie penned 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. That was an indispensable tome, and informed many generations on social etiquette, tact, success and all the rest of it. If there's one criticism I have of that book, it's a little shallow. Well, now we have Treu's 'Social Wealth' to fill in the missing gaps.

What Carnegie didn't see is what Treu focuses on. This book, accordingly, has more depth. It's not only about meeting new friends and expanding your social network, it's also about a comprehensive philosophy and modus operandi on how to meet people easily - with a genuine intent, warmth, humor, and candor. As such, it's not really a self-help book per se. It's more about an over-arching philosophy that insists upon 'doing the outer work', as Treu puts it. He makes it very clear that if you're going to get anything out of this book, you need to put the work in. He thoroughly elucidates how to go about it, all you need is the willingness to follow through and do the work.

Never before in human history has humanity been so utterly awkward and distant when it comes to human interaction. This is a timely book that can put you leaps and bounds beyond the competition when it comes to social success in business, relationships, romance, friendships - but it's also about transcending a competitive spirit when it comes right down to the immediacy of a spontaneous, unique human interaction. Great stuff, 5 stars, highly recommended.


Jason is a business and relationship coach. He's top expert on social and communication skills, business networking, influence, charisma and leadership. At the heart of his strategy is the understanding that people and your relationships are your true "wealth." Everything we accomplish or do in life is with or through other people.

I also work with experts, entrepreneurs and executives to get known and stand out by building key skill sets, their brand platform (including career/business transitions), and improve their business strategies/processes. You can reach him at

His bestselling book, Social Wealth, the how-to-guide on building personal and professional relationships, has sold more than 30,000 copies, has been #1 in four business and self-help categories, and has more than 120+ five star reviews.

He is a frequent contributor to publications such as Brazen Careerist, The Good Men Project, Under30 CEO, KillerStartups, YourTango, Inspirationfeed, and many others.

Jason speaks to groups and organizations on:
*Networking and building influential and meaningful relationships with customers, prospects, donors and other critical business relationships
*Building social, communication, and emotional skill sets
*Developing authentic influence, charisma and persuasion

Thousands of people have used his systems and tools to create extraordinary lives and success.

Has his J.D. and Masters in Communications from Syracuse University, and his B.A. from Indiana University in Bloomington. He has built a network of 30,000 people locally, and double that across the world.

He enjoys traveling, great food, philanthropy, the arts, meeting new people, Dallas Mavericks and Cowboys, and spending time with his friends and Jack Russell Terrier, Napoleon.

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Apr 27, 2015
by: Psymon H

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