Business & Money: Be The Lime: The world has enough lemons.

by Fred Rewey



Business & Money: Be The Lime: The world has enough lemons. Kindle Edition...Free With Kindle Unlimited.

There is no question that the online world and social media can lift your business or brand to the next level. But how do you do it? How do you get heard among all the noise? How do you stand out?

Finally, there is a book with social media marketing tips that walks you through what you need and what you don’t. You don’t have to hire a staff of so-called experts or spend countless hours online to be effective. You just need to do the right things!

“Be The Lime” helps you find your unique online and social media voice. Pair that with proven marketing strategies and tactics you can use today to make you stand out!

This book is for…

The Brick and Mortar business that are interested in the art of social media and want to get more customers in the door.

The online entrepreneur who wants his/her brand to attract raving fans.

The person trying to sell anything online.

The small business who is overwhelmed by social media and doesn’t know where to start.

The medium sized business who wants to build a celebrity-like image that resonates with people.

The person who doesn’t want a full-time marketing job but needs business marketing and some simple real world strategies that can be implemented today!

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They need a lot of love, before they are bearable
By Jay Reiniger on November 14, 2016
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Well, I must say when I first saw this book, I thought I was getting something else. I've spent my entire life studying the ways of Isadora Duncan. I use every waking hour honing my craft, and perfecting my trade. What trade you ask? Interpretive Dance! I spend hours and hours a day, "Being a Lime". There are PLENTY of people out there who are "Lemons". Nasty, nasty people, I tell you. They all have real sour attitudes. They need a lot of love, before they are bearable.

I on the other hand, have a beautiful shell and a sweet interior. That's why I identify sexually as a lime. It makes mating difficult, but ain't easy, is it? Sorry....I got side tracked. Anyway.....

As I said, I thought this was a book about my calling in life....but alas it's just some book on marketing. I was sad at first, and started to cry my light green tears...then it hit me. If I can market how to live your life as a Lime...the world may just be a happier place. I'm not against lemons, but have you ever tried to take on a lemon all by itself?! Damn near impossible! It'll make your face shrivel up, even though you know it's rude!

So thank you Cthulhu, lord above. You've shown me the light, and I'll never lose sight of it. All hail unto Cthulhu.

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Nov 25, 2016
by: Psymon H

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