Business/ General: Forming A View- The Art of Thinking

by An Apprentice

Ideal read for fresh graduates anyone feeling stuck in what they are doing at work

Ideal read for fresh graduates anyone feeling stuck in what they are doing at work

How often are we asked to form a view about a company, a situation, an opportunity or a person in the course of our work?

As we strive to find a role in this knowledge-based economy, it seems like we need to form a view about practically anything and everything. In the past, he who can get hold of information fastest will be the delight of his stakeholders – his superiors, bosses, or customers, but those were the days when digital technology and the internet were at their nascent development stage.

Bosses and customers require the knowledge operators of today to generate insights from whatever information they can get. Mere access to information means absolutely nothing in this hyper-connected world. It is often what we do with what we know that makes all the difference.

The cutting edge is about speed and accuracy of the views and consequently, the decisions made. All of the aforementioned points to this elusive Art of Forming Views. This book explores how effective business and thought leaders as well as investment practitioners employ two simple ideas to form views effectively and efficiently.

This book is ideal for corporate greenhorns, and those fresh out of college who may feel lost in the corporate and investments world. For the more experienced workers and investors, it is also a refreshingly honest book that consists of interesting anecdotes to encourage the readers.

Ideal read for fresh graduates anyone feeling stuck in what they are doing at work.

Author Bio
The author is a non-descript individual in his thirties, who has been interested in the world of business and investments since young.

He has pursued a career in investments since graduation over the last decade in a global investment house based in Asia. A fan of legendary investors such as Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, he is also a keen follower and student of modern investment gurus such as Barton Biggs, Kyle Bass and Howard Marks. He is indeed blessed to be given the opportunity to apply the various investment principles he learnt in his day-job.

The world of business and investment, especially the Market, despite all its glamour due to the sensationalizing of Wall Street in modern media, is a humbling place, and the author prefers to be called an Apprentice as he firmly believes that there is ever so much to learn from the world of business and investments.

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Jul 01, 2013
The Art of Thinking
by: Psymon H

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