Business, Careers - "What I Wish EVERY Job Candidate Knew: 15 Minutes to a Better Interview"

by Russell Tuckerton

Concise book that gives you what you need, when you need it.

Concise book that gives you what you need, when you need it.

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Stop Making Mistakes Candidates Make Over and Over Again - Do You Want the Job?

Learn from my 20 years of interviewing and hiring people just like you, across multiple Fortune 500 companies.

You're qualified for the job - it should be yours. Let me show you what goes through the head of the interviewer so you can use it to your advantage. An advantage others won't have.

I've captured a highly condensed set of recommendations in this book that will put you in the very small set of interviewees that will stand above other candidates. Whether you are seeking an entry level or an experienced management position these recommendations will give you the edge.

I see "bad" behaviors across all levels of interviews, without candidates even being aware of what they are doing that prevents them from being hired. You don't need to memorize 101 interview questions and answers. You need actual experiences from the other side of the table to guide you.

Listen to Hiring Managers
Is the book you're reading now written by the person who decides to hire you, or by someone else involved in the process such as a recruiter or human resources role? If so their guidance may get you an interview, but won't give you insight into what goes through the manager's head.


I am a corporate executive with over 23 years of experience in the technology industry. I have directly or indirectly been responsible for hiring and managing over 100 employees throughout my career.

I am also a husband and a father of two wonderful children, and we call Denver home.

I have personally witnessed the same mistakes being made OVER and OVER again in interviews - regardless of whether it is an entry level position or a senior management position. I wish I could stop these interviews mid-stream and let the candidate know what they are doing wrong - however, HR will not allow me to do that.

So I have taken to the written word to share my collective experience over 2 decades to help YOU avoid these mistakes and get that job you've always wanted.

The difference between my books and others you will find on interviewing: I'm an actual hiring manager, and I make the decision to hire someone. Too many books are written by other participants in the process - recruiters, human resource individuals, resume experts. While they may all provide good guidance, these people do NOT make the hiring decision, and can't know what is influencing the decision in real time. This is the value I bring to the table.

I've worked for both Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. I've hired call center workers and Directors. My career has included time spent at giants such as Microsoft and Motorola. I've also been at startups and experienced the anxiety of wondering if we would make payroll each week.

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What One Reader Had To Say!

I work in a career center and there are points made in this book that other books of much longer length and very pricey just don't seem to touch on. This should be in everyone's library to read at least a few days before the interview so you can really digest some of the wisdom that the author is shares.

Some points that I really like - "This is about what you can do for my team and my company." Sounds simple, right? But how many times do people go on and on about what they are looking for in a company or what their needs are. The hiring manager doesn't want to hear your problems - they want to hear the reasons why you should be chosen over everyone else.

The other thing that hits home is the point that the "interview starts when you get out of your car." Treating the receptionist in an unprofessional manner might doom you before you even start!

The bulk of the book covers a few different questions with examples of good responses, poor responses, and what to do if you having something negative in your past that needs to be addressed. This is done for each question!!

One of the best sections is the insight as to "Why" the question is being asked in the first place.

Tuckerton gives sage advice and really tries to change the paradigm of the reader. You need to think like a hiring manager when you go for an interview, not an interviewee!
-By Nathan Mercer

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Sep 18, 2014
by: Psymon H

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