Business And Money: Free Your Fear: Making the Leap to Six Figures!

by Lise Cartwright & Mike Harrington

Business And Money: Free Your Fear: Making the Leap to Six Figures!

Publication Date: May 17, 2015

When Did Fear Become a Dirty Word?

When did feeling fearful become something to be hidden, to be pushed down and ignored? As entrepreneurs, we're told to hide any signs of weakness, any feelings that might allude to the fact that we're only human. We have flaws, we have doubts, and continuing to ignore these, WILL lead to a life half lived.

We feel shame because we aren't able to just push through and move on. Mass media has done a number on us, that's for sure...

Fear doesn't have to have this power over you. You don't have to believe what society tells us we should FEEL and how we should ACT when it comes to fear anymore.

Free Your Fear

Lise Cartwright and Mike Harrington are two entrepreneurs, just like you, who were crippled with fear and fear of failure when they started on this journey. They carved a path towards doing what they love, with more than a few bumps along the way.

Within the pages of this book, you'll find plenty of stories of fear, of how it stopped other entrepreneurs from achieving what they wanted out of life... until they faced their fears and did something else instead.

Entrepreneur Stories — Just Like YOU:

- Elisa Doucette, the exceptional employee...

- Steve Scott, indie author and online marketer

- Hal Elrod, beating impossible odds

- Russell Smith, readjusting using the Russ Method...

- plus much more!

Our goal with this book is to show you how you can free your fears, with actionable content and examples of those who have forged a path ahead of you, so you can avoid the stumbling blocks, or at least be aware of them!

And if you stick around with us, you'll get access to some freebies within the book, including:

* Full case studies of 10 entrepreneurs

* 10-step guide to kicking fear in the butt

* How to start your side hustle now

Whether you're just starting out on the path to entrepreneurship or you've been in the trenches for a while, you CAN change course, AVOID making costly mistakes, and finally live the life you want, not the image of what society thinks it should be...

Will you join us?

Free Your Fear: Making the Leap to Six Figures! Is Available On Kindle And Free With Kindle Unlimited.

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Check Out What One Reader Had To Say Below!

Man, can I ever relate to this book's theme! Every kind of success involves having enough confidence and courage to take risks in the face of possible failure. All too often, I haven't had that kind of courage when I most needed it.

In business, we must invest without guarantees of profit if we are ever to see significant profits at all. That is the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit as it is captured in the pages of this great read. I've read and loved Lise Cartwright's books on freelancing for some time now. I've even communicated with her some and watched her progress while I've sat stuck in the mud! I've read this one too, but I just feel challenged enough to know that its message needs to sink deeper into my heart and mind.

I wasn't really aware of Mike Harrington, but I'm thankful for the introduction to him through this book. These are the annals of extraordinarily successful people, those who have already accomplished things I still long to pursue. They've made the personal investments and taken the risks that I haven't. Hopefully a second or third reading will help break me free from the tangling emotions that have continued to hold me back from achieving my best.

I'm tired of mediocrity, aren't you? If so, I encourage you to join me in getting your copy of this remarkable study and then don't do the stupid thing of only reading about 10 percent of it. Finish it, and then start over at the beginning. Repeat until you see the reward!

Author Bio

"Do What You Love--Figure Things Out... Live The Life YOU Want

Getting your hands on quality, actionable information shouldn't be pricey. It should be accessible and not be a roadblock to you achieving what you want out of life.

Lise writes her books for time-poor entrepreneurs, authorpreneurs and new freelancers looking for actionable information to help them move forward in their business, whether they are just starting out or need help moving forward.

What separates Lise from other digital publishers is her no-nonsense 'voice' that speaks to you as if she was sitting down having a coffee right there with you. She never promises anything unachievable and always delivers step-by-step plans and strategies that allow you to implement things quickly.

Want to know more? Connect with Lise and grab your free gift here:

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Jun 07, 2015
by: Psymon H

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