Business And Money: Circle of Wisdom

by Robert Stone

Business And Money: Circle of Wisdom - A Path for Life, Mind and Leadership.

This is the ultimate eye-opener for business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs.

A powerful parable involving animals on a ranch, Dr. Stone's remarkable insights are sure to make running any business an easier task.

Circle of Wisdom delves into the meaning of true wisdom. It shows anyone how to clear away the distractions and misinformation to get a truly CLEAR picture of what is going on in their business and market.

Let's face it. Luck should not be a factor in running your business. Yet all too often we wait for luck to intervene to give us winning ideas, workable solutions, and increased sales.

"Just wait until we get through this cycle and all will be right. Right?"

Instead, Circle of Wisdom gives you a series of insights and smart strategies that let you steer your firm with clarity and wisdom. Rather than waiting on luck, you power steadily forward with wise decision making and a vision that is clear and correct.

This can be devastating to competitors who simply can't figure out why you keep winning. Your challenges will become less daunting, successes will come easier and sooner, and the long term outlook for your company will improve substantially.

For decades Dr. Stone has spoken to hundreds of business groups and audiences teaching them the lessons he has learned as a Psychiatrist working with people in crises. He has treated those who have suffered from abuse, torture, and PTSD, at one point responsible for the treatment of more than 10,000 patients.

Anyone who has worked in the medical field knows how incredibly regulated and demanding it is. The paperwork never ends and regulations govern virtually every action. Using this rigid system to help those in extreme crises is the ultimate business challenge.

From this Dr. Stone found remarkable truths that lead to the writing of Circle of Wisdom.

This powerful book teaches any manager:

•How to transition to Wisdom-Based Leadership for better, quicker results
•Shows how to use the Circle of Wisdom for never ending improvement
•Learn that problems are no longer bad, but situations through which you can receive
•Discover a powerful strategy for making change within your organization
•Get the actionable methods taught successfully in Fortune 500 training
This is the BEST business book you can read this year. It is virtually guaranteed to open your eyes to a realm of possibility you never new existed.

Circle of Wisdom is Available On Kindle, In paperback, On Audible And Free with kindle Unlimited.

ISBN-10: 1511518472
ISBN-13: 978-1511518475

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Check out What One Reader Had To Say

I've read an endless amount of motivational books and attended more motivational seminars than I can recall. I started this book thinking it would be the typical motivational read - which has always been a good thing for me. Instead I found something that was totally unexpected and absolutely delightful. I read it in one sitting and felt a sense of satisfaction when I finished as the message and lessons learned stayed with me after I finished reading.

Dr. Stone follows the path of telling a story to deliver his message. In this case though, we have an assortment of talking farm animals as the characters in the story. I had to chuckle more than a few times as even though the story involved animals, the resemblance to typical company players was spot on.

As a consultant, I fully appreciated Dal's position. I loved the animals viewpoint regarding how to handle the consultant.

Dr. Stone walks the reader through how to empower employees and others and how to be successful. This is really a wow read and I highly recommend it to others.

Author Bio

Dr. Robert C. Stone
is author of "Circle of Wisdom: A Path for Life, Mind and Leadership." This important new book is a major contribution to business leadership literature. It teaches powerful lessons in leadership and wisdom through a parable of ranch animals.

People often don't think of physicians as business leaders, but many operate highly complex business operations producing millions in income through a maze of intense regulation and high public expectation.

For two decades Dr. Stone has combined his work as a psychiatrist specializing in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with writing, research, and leadership in the business world. He is quoted as saying he grew up on the stage and at Chamber of Commerce meetings.

As a child Dr. Stone attended business meetings with his father. While in medical school he managed an AMC Movie Theater and founded his own company that produced the first hand-held versions of 30 medical reference texts.

These early business experiences prepared him to serve as Medical Director of the massive Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health System. There he supervised more than 1,000 employees and directed the care of more than 10,000 public mental health clients in Nevada.

Much of Dr. Stone's work has centered around helping people who are experiencing intense crises such as domestic violence, torture, and PTSD. He found these experiences have a surprising commonality with running a business.

"In business you have to expect the unexpected. Technology can change almost overnight and your business can suddenly be on the brink of obsolesce. You need the wisdom and strategies to make the right changes quickly," Dr. Stone said.

Dr. Stone is an active and dynamic speaker, giving as many as 100 unique group presentations per year. He has presented in more than a dozen states plus Canada and England. He has published over thirty scientific papers and book chapters.

After discussing his plans to write "Circle of Wisdom" in seminars and interviews to more than 4 million people, he finally sat down to write it. The result is a dynamic and eye-opening fable that gets to the very heart of what it means to be an effective business leader.

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Jul 27, 2015
by: Psymon H

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