Budget Travel: Vanabode - travel and live forever on $20 a day

by Jason Odom

Travel: Vanabode - travel and live forever on $20 a day by Jason Odom

Revolutionary new travel book shows everyone regardless of current financial condition how to travel and live forever anywhere in the United States on $20 a day. Author Jason Odom and his wife Kelly have traveled over 700,000 miles in 15 years enjoying the sumptuous beauty of pristine national parks and the exciting nightlife of big cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas. Vanabode shows you how to earn a living working in some of the most exciting places in the United States like national parks and state recreational areas, how to sleep safely and comfortably in your own bed every night; how to eat better than you ever have, how to cook for free without electricity, fire or fuel; how to get rid of all our current debt and regain your freedom; and most importantly - how you can do it forever if you want. Do you want to travel for 3 months?

How about 3 years?

Vanabode shows you how down to the tiniest detail and you do NOT need to make any expensive purchases to make it happen. NEW THIRD EDITION has 60% more pictures and 22% more content. The Vanabode sales page states "I will show you how to safely travel ANYWHERE in the United States, sleep in your own luxurious clean bed every night, have a hot bath every day, eat fresh delicious meals, and experience incredible adventures for $20 a day (food, lodging and transportation). You will never feel neglected, bored or uncomfortable.

I promise to show you how to sleep better than you ever have, how to get the time you want and need to relax or pursue your favorite hobby, how to eat healthier, and how to travel to new exciting destinations of your choosing forever. For those that don't have any savings or retirement income I include a list of more than 30 legitimate easy ways to earn money while traveling all over the country.

You need this book if any of the following apply to you: if you are so bored with your lifestyle that you don't feel like you're living at all, if you have household expenses so great that you never get ahead or get to do anything fun, if you would like to happily camp, travel or live anywhere on $20 a day, if you are retired and want to keep a house but still travel cheaply, if you would like to downsize from a large RV to save money and time while adding destinations, if you have children you would like to travel and camp easily and cheaply with, if you would like to take time off work to write a book, recover from a tragedy, or change your life, if you are a foreign tourist coming to the U.S. for a long holiday, if are you a survivalist who wants to live off the grid, if you want to disappear and leave your past behind, becoming invisible escaping creditors or stalkers, if you are heading for divorce, blaming your marriage instead of your life, for the boredom killing you, if you want to run your own mobile business? Updated information on acquiring a free cell phone with free monthly minutes. Links to new job listing sites. Free Lifetime Exclusive password protected access to the Vanabode forum.

Online reservation system for renting parking places short and long term. Links to new offgrid communities where you can trade labor, or skills for living quarters, food and living expenses like free parking, and entertainment. Private list of small farms looking for "farm sitters" where you get paid to park and hang around. Updated gun carry law information. Links to climate resources for all data on where you will be camping for every month of every year.

Links to special "spring finder" where you can get free fresh pure spring water on tap. Links to new "farmers market finder" tool shows you where all the fresh farmers markets and local only road side eateries are through out the United States. Master "host list" displays hidden communities all over the United States that welcome you to park and live in exchange for a little labor or expertise.

Author Bio

Jason Odom
and his wife Kelly have road traveled over 700,000 miles photographing and exploring the greatest places in the United States. Jason created a new system of travel that would afford anyone the ability to go anywhere, stay as long as they want, and only spend $20 a day on food, lodging, and transportation. He released the first version of Vanabode in 2010 and continues to update and upgrade the website supported book, philosophy and strategies employed in this unique method of travel. In 2011 Jason was awarded an official Trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the term “Vanabode”. In 2013 he published the THIRD EDITION with 60% more pictures and 22% more content.

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Dec 19, 2014
Covers a variety of travel topics
by: Paul Rodricks

The Authors appear to have travelled great distances and they share their experiences by converting them to providing valuable travel knowledge, and economics of the same. I wish I had such a guide
in my previous globe-trotting days,yet I could use some of the info provided in the guide for the characters I author in my stories and novels. My best wishes to these modern-day Marco Polos in their future travels.

Dec 18, 2014
by: Psymon H

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