Bowhunting: The Hunter's Guide to Bow Hunting

by Bill Lewis

ASIN: B01834RM82

ASIN: B01834RM82

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Bowhunting: The Hunter's Guide to Bow Hunting; Getting Started to Your First Kill Kindle Edition.

Here is a sneak peek of what you'll get in "The Hunter’s Guide to Bow Hunting; Getting Started to Your First Kill" By Bill Lewis.


What is Bow hunting?

Bow hunting is simply a sport of hunting game animals by archery. In other words, bow hunting could also be defined as the act of pursuing or taking wild game animals using a bow and arrow. Archery on the other hand is a practice of shooting arrows with a bow and these are done by archers. Hunters have an arsenal of weapons to hurt their prey, and perhaps the most interesting and tasking is the use of the bow. Tools used today are far different from the ones used in the Stone Age, but the skills needed to succeed at bow hunting are essentially the same.

The bow is a mechanical device which drives a projectile, and this is mostly an arrow. A string is placed in between the two ends of the bow. Then holding the middle of the bow in place with the “bow” hand, the string is drawn with the other hand, the “shaft” hand. During this, additional energy is stored in the elastic limbs and to a lesser extend also in the string. Substantial part of this energy is transferred to the arrow when released.

The bow and arrow was invented by man already in prehistoric times. In the ancient times, it was her most effective long range weapon and hunting device. Nowadays it is used in archery, a sport practiced by thousands of people all over the world.

A bow stores energy as transformation energy in its elastic arms or limbs. Its unique characteristic is that this energy, given out by the relatively slow human body, can be transferred fast to a light arrow in a very efficient manner.

The string is important for the effectiveness and the transformation of the deformation energy into kinetic energy even though it’s light and inextensible, it couples bow and arrow. Normally, when a bow is drawn the force exerted by the archer on the string increases.

So to keep a bow in fully drawn position, the maximum force, called the weight of the bow must be exerted by the archer whilst he aims at the target. Hence, one of the aims for more relaxed shooting is that this force is not too big while still a sufficient amount of deformation energy is stored in the bow.

Much research has been carried out already on the bow and arrow. It must be remarked that in general it is not possible that all the deformation energy stored statically in the bow can be transferred, during the dynamic process of shooting, as kinetic energy to the arrow.

That's all for now, but here is a list off everything else that you'll learn about in the book:

What is Bowhunting
History of Bow and Arrow
Types of Bows
Construction of Bow and Arrow
Matching Arrows with Bows
Arrow straightening

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By Angelus on November 21, 2015

This a great book for anyone wanting to get into bow-hunting. I have had an interest it for a while, but was at a bit of a loss how to get started. Bill Lewis' book gives detailed information about the best way to get started, improve and get the most out of your experience.

A comprehensive, must-have book for anyone who wants to know more about the sport or take it up.
Highly recommended.

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Nov 23, 2015
by: Psymon H

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