The Bookworm & The Fiction Author Construct The World Together

With The Launch Of The Black Caviar Book Series 

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Bookworm News: The BCBC (Black Caviar Book Club) primes itself for the much anticipated launch of its psychological crime thriller series, Black Caviar. In late 2013 the bookworm and the fiction author will construct the world together with a unapologetically mind-altering mix of intrigue, power games and suspense.

British author Psymon H exposes the mental convolution and lengths people travel in order to live the ultimate American dream in his riveting Black Caviar Book series opener, “I’m Living But I’m Not Alive”

Some may say the books have been a long time coming, but more have said “Good Reads Comes To Those Who Wait.”  

  Book 1 Summary:
“I’m Living But I’m Not Alive”

 “I’m Living But I’m Not Alive” was the scary contradiction Daman uttered every night since the murder of his brother.

Sharpening the blades of capitalism with the American dream wet stone, he finds himself in the position of Chicago’s crime alpha. Branded by a free competitive market and motivated by profit, the hunter will soon become the hunted.

 A criminal academic mastered in gangster mathematics, Daman sums up that every enemy subtraction adds to the D Organization’s bottom line.

His unlawful temptation wears black Agent Provocateur, and from her days at law school Jane deduced the lingerie she displayed was more than black lace; as she remembered the words Agent Provocateur was a French legal term for “entrapment.”

Will the appeal of another woman’s touch lead Daman down a path of unfaithful betrayal?

Rumors had long surfaced about Daman jumping into bed with Chicago government powerhouses which gave him amenities beyond the normal gangster’s scope. The idea that everyone in the United States has the chance to achieve success and prosperity in a law abiding manner is stretched to the outer limits when old beef is left to hang and mature in the most repugnant fashion.

Will the threat of an ever growing enemy list stop him dead in his tracks?

The journey of true friendship between Daman and British straight flying Cruz suddenly breaks mid-stream when a road block is thrown in their path. Unlike any other drama Daman encounters, this isn't one he can drive through without due care and attention. Fate plays an almost deadly hand with a royal flush that can not be matched.

Who said "it is a man's world?'" they obviously haven't met our girl Audreya yet; Daman is about to get an introduction he'll never forget.   

This is an emotionally piecing drama from start to end with characters too big for small entrances



Psymon H. Black British Author With A Story To Tell

The book club has spent its early months promoting authors from around the world and will always continue to do so, but soon it will be time to grab the limelight and book a seat on the front row where there’s little room to hide but an awesome opportunity for huge readership.

Ask Psymon H what message he has for reader: “My intention is to put you the bookworm in a brain-spin with the inability to sleep because your mind is fixated on what may or may not happen in the next cliff-hanging chapter. The story’s process, plot and steam are such that there is every chance you’ll finish the book in a few sittings.

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The Black British Author With A Story To Tell:

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