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Book Publicity Question:

“Can you show me a real world progress report from an author’s Amazon Bestsellers Ranking, during one of your book promotions?”

This was a question an author asked me before ordering one of my book promo packages, and a question that deserved more than a few lines in way of a reply. Before I share my latest case study, it would be fair to say that most authors use promotion sites to bring exposure to their books and in turn make sales.

It’s no surprise that making book sales is the number one component for driving rankings on Amazon. More sales equals a lower rank which equals greater visibility on the best seller paid lists and search results.

In December 2013 Theresa Regan posted the following figures on her blog representing how many sales we can expect a book to be achieving, depending on its overall sales rank. Of course, these numbers are likely to be rather arbitrary, but they’re interesting nonetheless. Note, these numbers do not apply to product categories other than books. It’s also important to mention again that it’s the sales that cause the ranking. The ranking doesn’t cause the sales. Also bear in mind that Amazon rankings are updated every hour, and an author’s ranking can severely rise and fall several thousand places in the space of 24 hours.

Amazon Best Seller Rank 50,000 to 100,000 – selling close to 1 book a day.

Amazon Best Seller Rank 10,000 to 50,000 – selling 5 to 15 books a day.

Amazon Best Seller Rank 5,500 to 10,000 – selling 15 to 25 books a day.

Amazon Best Seller Rank 3,000 to 5,500 – selling 25 to 70 books a day.

Amazon Best Seller Rank 1,500 to 3,000 – selling 70 to 100 books a day.

Amazon Best Seller Rank 750 to 1,500 – selling 100 to 120 books a day.

Amazon Best Seller Rank 500 to 750 – selling 120 to 175 books a day.

Amazon Best Seller Rank 350 to 500 – selling 175 to 250 books a day.

Amazon Best Seller Rank 200 to 350 – selling  250 to 500 books a day.

Amazon Best Seller Rank 35 to 200 –selling 500 to 2,000 books a day.

Amazon Best Seller Rank 20 to 35 – selling  2,000 to 3,000 books a day.

Amazon Best Seller Rank of 5 to 20 – selling 3,000 to 4,000 books a day.

Amazon Best Seller Rank of 1 to 5 – selling 4,000+ books a day.

With this in mind, I chose not to use a book that was currently promoted as a KDP free or countdown offer as a case study, and nor did I want to choose a book that was set at $.99.

Yes, I wanted to make things a little harder for myself, and even though I quite clearly state with all my book promotions that I make no promises to sell books on an author’s behalf, I wanted to put our service out where other services fear to tread. That being said, I can fully understand why many other book promoting services play it safe and only deal with free and bargain books…But let’s be honest here, part of the reason we price our books is to get paid for our work.

Amongst the book promotion services sold last week, (week commencing the 29th September 2014) one book promotion coincided with the question asked.

Our Book Publicity Real World Example: Thriller,
'A Patriot's Act' by Kenneth Eade.

Click The Book Cover To See Kenneth's Book promotion Page.

The book publicity package purchased was our Bronze Service Upgrade $20… (to the silver package). Here are the package features below.

One permanent eye-popping book promotion page

One automatic post to our RSS Book and Twitter feed

Listing on one of 24 genre hub-pages with a thumbnail image and link straight to your page.

Listing on our daily book newsfeed, located on all 2000+ of our searchable web-pages

Seven day Twitter book blasts to our 29K active twitter following.

One post to our 5000+ Pinterest Followers

One 85 page PDF full of great Kindle marketing ideas

This thriller was priced at $4.99 and started its promotion with 8 - 5 star reviews. His ranking position was #60’520 in the paid store and selling one book per day.

On day one, we created Kenneth’s book promotion page and included links to both his Kindle eBook and paperback. Realizing that readers would have to make one extra pit-stop before landing on his Amazon book purchase page and also bearing in mind that there were lots of free thrillers and books in the same genre priced between $.99 and $2.99, it was imperative that we prepared the groundwork before sending out our first post.


Day 1: Day One: Amazon Best Sellers Rank #60’520

Day 2: Day Two: Amazon Best Sellers Rank  #55’122

Day 3: Amazon Best Sellers Rank  #57’434

Day 4: Amazon Best Sellers Rank  #32’491

Day 5: Amazon Best Sellers Rank  #30’974

Day 6: Amazon Best Sellers Rank #18'168 

Day 7: Amazon Best Sellers Rank #14,787 

Conclusion: Kenneth profited well from his $20 outlay. You will notice that there wasn’t a huge early peak followed by a sudden drop we often see with authors books. His Amazon Best Sellers Ranking improved by 45'733 over the course of seven days. It’s important to note that this $4.99 thriller was competing with other thrillers set at $2.99 and below. Since we’ve created a book promotion page instead of directing readers straight to Kenneth’s Amazon page, it’s highly likely that his permanent page will continue generating interest from our website visitors and RSS subscribers. What was great to see was that this author slipped in a seven day countdown offer at the end of our promotion to take full advantage of his new book position, with hopes of capitalizing on his Amazon ranking.

"Are You Done?"

"No, We thought we would surprise the author and push a two day promotion bonus his way,  to coincide with his Countdown promotion that started on day 7. 

10: 10 pm 


Inside The Top 10'000.

One Day Later

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