Book Lovers Beware, You're About To Be Seduced By Some Stunning Page-Turners

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Book Lovers, This Is A Message Written For You By Psymon H.

If you're addicted to your Kindle and in search of your next big read, you’ve stepped into the right spot.

The Black Caviar Book Club would like to welcome you to our Readers Lounge, a connection hotspot and a place to discover hidden authors and works you may have missed trolling through the pages of Amazon and other huge websites.

Just imagine finding hidden treasures at the click of a mouse and being able to do a lot more than read the book summary before returning back to Amazon to make your purchase.

Our Readers Lounge opens up into many genre side rooms, from Fantasy and Psychological Thriller to Romance and Erotica.

Take your Shoes off, go grab a coffee or something stronger and I’ll take you on a quick tour of this book lovers honey trap. But before you do, why not spread some love and like our Fan-page

Welcome back…Follow Me To The Main Lounge

At the Black Caviar Book Club we are constantly growing our list of genres and sub-genres to attract a more diverse reader base.

Here we don’t search the web for books to fill up our lounge, that would be too easy, instead the book club actively searches for up and coming or established authors (whether they be indie or traditionally published) interested in promoting their books through our free Author Billboard service.

Once a Billboard goes live, it can be found in its respective Reader Lounge for you to view. …Go ahead and take a look at a couple of our Featured Billboards by clicking the book covers below.


Now this is where it gets really exciting…..Each of our Billboards are different, some have book video trailers and blurbs, while others have chapter teasers and author bio’s. Book lovers are always encouraged to leave reviews and rate an Author’s Billboard; this helps other readers and also increases the buzz.

Here's a great tip: When you choose a Readers Lounge, you can scroll down the right hand side of the page to quick view the featured books. You will see some great book covers, so why not leave a comment on the Author Billboard you like the best.

Before I leave you to enjoy the rest of stay, I just wanted to point you to a few of our guidelines to help you get the best out of the book club.

The Book Lovers Guide To The Readers Lounge

**The Comments, Stars and Feedback options are to be used as a tool of engagement with the reader and the author. All comments and feedbacks will be carefully monitored by our team before entry onto a page; we only accept constructive feedback, conversations and reviews.

**If any comment is deemed to be insulting or disrespectful to the author in any way, it will not be accepted for public viewing and the commenter will be banned.

**We ask that you respect the fact that authors have spent considerable time writing and promoting their work. When leaving reviews we ask you not to spoil the story for potential readers. If a review is deemed to be giving away more than is necessary it will not be accepted on the author’s billboard.

When you submit a comment you can set up a notification; this will inform you when someone else has commented on your post.

Kindle Books Exposed!
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If you are a author wanting to promote your work, you can return from this book lovers page to find out how to get started"

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