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Psymon H, CEO Of Black Caviar Book Club And Author Of The Black Caviar Book Series.

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Book Club Questions: Tell Us About Your Early Years..

After years of sleepwalking through life, my eyes are finally open and I have woken up to realize that the greatest dreams can be turned into reality.

And, as an observer of human nature and a book club author, I have more questions than answers; I am eager to learn from people who invoke my curiosity.

Although born in London UK, I was 10 when I moved to Peterborough. School was, well, school. I’d love to say I enjoyed it.

But, the reality is that I don’t remember much of it. Most folks don’t realize that, even though I am a book club author, I am also suffer from slight dyslexia.Of course, it was my dyslexia, drive and determination that made me become who I am today.

Book Club Questions: Growing up, did you have any interests?

I enjoyed art but my first love was sports, even at an early age. Hand me a bat and I could hit the ball right out of the park. Of course, ask me to go swimming and I’d give you a ton of reasons why swimming was bad for my health.

When I was 15, I walked into a shop after school and browsed through the shelves that were loaded with magazines. It took one bodybuilding issue to stop me from walking any further. I grabbed it off the shelf to read.

With excitement and lack of money my best friend and I went about turning by bedroom into a gym, make-shifting the broom handle into a bar and the ironing board into a bench. Everything was good until the day I dropped my dad’s toolbox right onto my foot. That was the day I decided I needed a gym membership. For more than 20 years, I dedicated my time and energy to training and competing. And, many years later, it was that same sport which may of saved my life.

Book Club Questions: What Was The turning Point?

In 2006, I had a near fatal car accident, which woke me up to the fact that life could be snuffed out in an instant. One year on my back gave me all the thinking time I needed. The old saying goes, “everything happens for a reason.” As more time passed, I realized that my being in the vehicle was not a fluke; I was meant to be in that car. Life has a funny habit of going to great lengths to show you the way. Writing and being a book club author had never been on my radar.

However, I remembered my schoolteachers telling my mother I had one heck of an imagination. Thinking back, it was those days my mom used to ask me and my big sister to choose a library book for her to read to us. I would sit there captivated by her tone and expression. She made everything seem so real and I think that may have rubbed off on me.

Book Club Questions: How Did Your Writing Career Begin?

In 2011, I decided to write about the days preceding my accident and the event itself. It amazed me how much I remembered - from the cold sweats and pounding heartbeat to how clear the road was at rush hour. Sitting at my desk, I wondered what I would do with my personal chapter.

Before long, a fine blend of characters, places and events came to mind, the Black Caviar book series started to take shape and so began my career as a book club author. After a few brainwaves, I decided that my experience would be the entrance for one of my main characters, Cruz.

Book Club Questions: Do You Have A Message For Your Readers?

When others believed my writing to be a fad, I buckled down, telling myself that if I used the same dedication and determination I did for my bodybuilding in the past, I could do whatever I desired if I put my mind to it including becoming an author of the forthcoming book series, Black Caviar.

At present, I am working on the final book in the Black Caviar Series, with a launch date for the first two instalments slated for 2013. I feel truly blessed to take my writing this far and look forward to writing more books.

In answer to the last of your book club questions I have these final words.... GABOS, short for Game Ain’t Based On Sympathy, is the alpha dog’s code of practice. It’s what’s makes him one of a kind. The completive spirit that drives the soul to achieve more and become more. GABOS is also a state of mind which separates the winner from the also ran, the tool that turns thought into affirmative action. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives...make the best of today.

Look out for more book club questions answered by Psymon H, The Black British Author With A Story To Tell.

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