Book Club Questions 9: As An Aspiring Author How Do You Overcome Daily Adversities?

Article written by Psymon H, The Black British Author With A Story To Tell. 9/28/2012

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Book Club Questions 9: What Inspired You To Write This Article?

This Book Club Questions 9 Article Was Inspired By A Tweet Follower’s Direct Message, while promoting my free Authors Billboard Platform

Message: “Well the fact that you can’t write proper English would be one major reason I don’t want you to promote my book.”

As authors I guess we meet lots of adversities on route to our destination, some made by our own hands while others come from the hands and mouth’s of people with their own opinions.

One man’s uniqueness is another man’s horror show, dependant on which side of the fence you stand.

For me, yesterday evening was a prime example of one such occasion and a reason why I enjoy what I do.

After reading the above message I considered a few responses, the first thought that came to mind I couldn’t possibly repeat, but the second was a more levelled deliberation. I had travelled a long road to get to this point and wasn’t about to let a follower’s message knock me off stride.

One of my favourite lines I wrote for my main character always rings true for me…

Not caring much for ambivalent thought inside the box surrounded by conformist, he worked outside the square area where he could stand on his own two feet and tell the world that “I am the main event.”

Book Club Questions 9: Have You Ever Been Close To Shelving The Idea Of Becoming An Author And Book Club Owner?

July 20th 2012 the day I launched my very first blog, I was excited after deciding that although I wasn’t quite ready to have my book series published I would step out of the shadows and start my pre-launch campaign. I was well aware that I was about to embark on a path most other authors choose not to take, but I had ironed out a plan not only to launch my Psychological Crime thriller book series but also to provide a promotional platform for others authors (The Author’s Billboard.)

Harsh lessons were learnt at that early stage when a few free chapters and blogs were read back for the 100th time and found to still be riddled with mistakes.

I could of shelved the book writing idea altogether and blamed my dyslexia and a multitude of other reasons to why I wasn’t cut out to be an author.

Book Club Questions 9: How Did You Feel At The Time?

To be honest I felt a little overwhelmed for a mini second, realizing that my reputation was very much on the line each time I put out sub-standard work. My saving grace was the fact that I have a relentless “Inner Star Player” who always keeps me on track.

I told myself that in order to be the best I would have to make some serious sacrifices and it would take time. Clothes shopping at all the top designer stores were soon replaced with weekly chapters sent to my copy editor, while my non wavering mindset told me to keep my unique writing style no matter whether it fitted inside the box set by others.

Book Club Food For Thought:

Yesterday after receiving that message, I quickly came to the conclusion that the world is full of opinions, I could sub-come to the thoughts of others and be a pleaser trying to conform to the industry standard. I could also make myself comfortable inside the box and believe that a sentence needs to be formulated in the same cookie cut manner ….Or I can stick to being true to myself.

Such Icons as Lady Gaga springs to mind, I’m sure that if she had listened to whispers that her style was too off the wall and not cookie cut enough, the world would have missed out. For a split second my inner beast wanted to come out and play when I thought about this follower’s message vs. my work in progress….Soon enough my Inner Star player dropped me a Jay-Z remix loud and proud…..

“I Got 99 Problems But This Follower Ain’t One.”

I would like to thank this Twitter follower for giving me the inspiration to write this off the wall article, and thank you all for taking the time to read it…Enjoy your day and continue to put your best foot forward no matter what.

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