The Book Club Questions 8 Article...

How Did You Come Up With The Series Title...Black Caviar?

Written By Psymon H....Black British Author With A Story To Tell

Book club questions 8:…Was It A long Process Coming Up With The Series Title Black Caviar?

Book Club Questions 8 stems from a tweet....Sometime back a twitter follower mentioned me in his tweet.He said that the book series title sounded like a James Bond movie, full of intrigue. The tweet made me smile and soon brought to my attention that maybe it was time to write an article about how I came up with the series title..

I had banded about many names for my book series but couldn’t decide on one. At the time my then fiancé was living in the US while I was back in the UK (thank God that has all changed now.) Bearing in mind that there was an eight hour time difference we would pre-arrange our usual time to speak on Skype.

Book Club Questions 8: What Was So Important About This One Particular Day?

About an hour into one of our Skype chats we switched conversation, with my partner asking me to read the current chapter I had been working on. One thousand words in and we had both agreed that Daman the main character, needed that extra twist to his personality.

While ideas were shooting back and forth I remembered the TV being on in the background. There was a major horse race about to start.... Now I’m not a betting man and have little interest in horse racing….But today everyone was talking about this one particular horse, Black Caviar. People had flown to the UK from Australia to see this amazing horse continue her winning streak.

While the horses were being paraded around the ring in front of the queen my mind went to work. Within five minutes we had thought it through….it was then that she asked me if I had thought about the series title.

Book Club questions 8: When Was The Decision Made?

With seconds left till the beginning of the race my partner made a bold statement which soon became the starting point for all things “Black Caviar.”

She said that if the horse won the featured race, it should become the title of the book series. At first there was little resemblance between my book series and the winning horse, but before long the name held more significance than just the horse itself. Throughout the series you will notice that some of Daman’s most important decisions are based on the outcome of Black Caviar keeping her winning streak.

Book Club Questions 8: Can You Give Us An Example Of The First Time Black Caviar, The Horse Played A Significant Role In The Book Series?

Here is an extract from Chapter six where a crafty Jane manipulates a situation on a trip to Australia.

Thirty minutes later they were on route to the Australia Stakes at Moonee Valley.

“Ok here’s the deal baby J, I’ve listened to all of your big talk about who you think is going to win this group two showdown”

“Have you?” Jane chipped in.

“Yes, I wanted to ask God for a form guide but Google was quicker. Black Caviar stumbled at the Danhill Stakes, ok she still won, but she has just recovered from a chest muscle injury. You sure you want to waste $50’000 on her to win?…She’s up against the older and more experience horses now…why not take a each way bet instead of giving it to the bookmaker‘s?”

Jane grasped Daman’s thigh, “betting each way is like standing in the middle of a busy street not sure which way to turn. You’ve brought $100’000 out with you, one of us needs to look after your interest. Your going to put your half on that horse, Here De Angels?”

Daman nodded, hours had been spent chewing over his decision, he was absolutely sure that this was a sign from his brother that his triumphant streak would extend well past this finish line.

“Dear me Daman, sounds like your having a brain fart, forget about asking God for a form guide and ask him to ride your horse instead, it‘s the only way your going to win.”

Her ballsy attitude made him smile, it was one of her many attributes which made her his drug of choice.

“Peace be with you Black Caviar, at best you will come second”

“What, like you, my juicy rack of beef? Lets make this more interesting. If I lose, which I won’t, I’ll work in Black Velvet next Saturday night… in just my g string.”

Daman wanted to chip in but Jane had her finger resting on his lips not wanting him to stop her flow,

“if I win, you will not call your second club Black Velvet, resembling a fast food chain…You will call it Black Caviar.”

Two lengths was the winning margin, one betting slip fell to the ground for the wind to carry it to trashville, while the other was kissed and slipped down a plunging neckline for safety reasons.

Thank you for reading my book club questions 8 article. If you would like to read the first 29 Black caviar chapters please click the link below.                         

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