Book Club Questions 5: Authors Are You Taking Advantage Of Free Book Exposure ?

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Book Club Questions 5: Psymon H Answers Questions About The Authors Billboard Service

Gone are the days of releasing your book and hoping for the best, especially if you’ve chosen the self publishing route and are serious about engaging more readers. With hundreds of thousands of books released each year, the battle ground has become more brutal, with new ways of engaging readers being sort.

From my early days of running an events and promotions business in the nightclub industry, I’ve always believed that the best promoters were the ones who had a strategy and didn’t rely on putting out a flyer two nights before an event…Engaging people and getting the buzz going became one of my strong points.

At Black Caviar Book Club we give you the opportunity to do more than promote your work with a few words, we give you the ability to engage with avid readers who actively search online book clubs for their next book.
The Book Club Questions 5 Article goes into detail...Read More!

Book Club Questions 5: Is It Time To Think Outside The Box?

The Authors Billboard not only helps with your long term Book promotions, it also opens up a diverse fan base.

Marketing research proves that some buyer needs to be exposed to a product a number of times in a variety of places before making a purchase….

For Example… Just imagine around Christmas time you see a trailer for a film advertised on TV. It may not be the first or last film trailer you’ll see that night, so probably you haven’t taken it in fully.

Monday to Friday you commute to work on the same route, at the same time every day. . You drive past the same billboard with that striking picture and title, subconsciously your mind makes the connection from TV trailer to Billboard advert that maybe the film is worth a watch.

Likewise, with a stack of books all being published and released at the same time in a competitive marketplace, potential readers may need to see your books a number of times in a variety of places before making a purchase.

The Black Caviar Book Club can’t make promises that you will reap the fruits of your Author Billboard over night, however, we know from past promotional experiences that it can take a consistent mixture of approaches to make the sale.

Like a product your book needs multiple exposure to boost long term online traffic and sales.


Book Club Questions 5: I’m Not Technically Minded, How Easy Is It To Set Up My Own Authors Billboard?

Time to book your seat for the Authors Billboard and grow a new fan base. The Authors Billboard will offer a cool addition to any promotional campaign.

It take’s ten minutes to implement the easy to use tools listed below, and turn a static billboard into a connection hotspot where your readers can do more than just scan a book blurb. Now they can ask you questions, Star your page, leave comments and feedback for others to read and comment on.

But There's more Juice...Your Author Billboard is rapidly distributed through the Black Caviar RSS feed to over 140 Directories for thousands to subscribe. Your Billboard instantly becomes it's own individual webpage.

Three Easy Steps...

1..Read The Information Below.

2..Choose A Genre From The List On The Right Side Of This Page.

3..Scroll Down To The Title Which Say's "Open Our Billboard." Complete The Form And Click Submit.

Creating Your Author Billboard

It All Starts With The Title

Title…As your Author Billboard will turn into it’s own webpage please start the title with your chosen book genre before writing your Author or Pen name. This makes it easy for search engines to spider your billboard and understand what the webpage is about. …end result, higher ranking and more traffic to your billboard. Here is an example of how your title will look once it has be has been changed into a webpage

blackcaviar-bookclub/sci-fi-the-last-plannet (This is not a link but only used as an example)


(You have 3000 characters)…Here are some examples you can use.

**Book Title

**Use a small Author Bio

**Add a Book Blurb

**If you have a You Tube video about you and your book, why not embed the code here

**Upload 1-4 pictures or graphics of you and your book cover.

At this early stage we don’t allow live links on your billboard, but what you can do is to write the link for readers to copy and paste into their browsers.

Please add where readers can buy your book and the price.

Please be aware that if you do not follow the title instructions your billboard will not be accepted. At each stage of the building process there are help buttons, plus you will be able to return to this page. You will also be able to use the "Contact Me" form attached to each genre.


Pinterest "Pin It" Feature Will Give You Added Exposure

Authors can also take advantage of the Pinterest “Pin It” feature whichbe added to every Billboard picture and will will serve as a great Traffic generator.

Black Caviar expects that the latest Pinterest addition will encourage visitors to pin and re-pin author’s book covers on their own Pinterest boards, leading to added exposure. Authors will benefit with the very strong, and growing, popularity of Pinterest. Apart from “Pin it”

Book Club Questions 5: Have You Got Anymore Tips?

Since most readers scan web pages, include your best thoughts in your first paragraph such as the title of your books. Entering your book information is easy and will appear on a webpage exactly the way you enter it.

Set Notifications

Notify You When…

1. Your Author Billboard has been accepted (usually within 24hrs)

2. Someone comments on your contribution

3. When others contributes to this website.

Book Club Questions 5 How Do I Update My Author Billboard Once It Has Been Approved?

The main part of the Author Billboard cannot be amended once it has been approved and gone live. Although we will check every Billboard, it is advised that you check for any spelling mistakes before submitting your work.

When you wish to update your Billboard you use the same process you would if you were replying to a comment.

Updates And Comments Instructions

1. Click on the genre page from the Readers Lounge or Authors Billboard page.

2. Scroll to your Billboard and click “Click Here To Add Your Comments.” The “Post Your Comment” box will open.

3. Write… Authors Update in the name box, and then fill in the title box before completing the action.

How Do I Add Or Change A Picture Once My Billboard Goes Live?

Due to the website email not accepting email attachments to protect against viruses, we advised that if you would like to add or change a picture on your Author Billboard, you send the picture to the email below. We would also like you to provide the following information

1... Your author name and book title

2...Which picture you would like changed or delete (If you have reached 4 pictures which is the maximum amount of pictures you can have on your Billboard)

We will contact you via email as soon as we have completed any amendments.

Book Club Questions 5: Are There Any Additional Promotional Packages I Could Add To My Book Campaign?

The Black Caviar Book Club takes promotions one step further…If you are serious about exposing your book/s to a wider audience, take a look at the power house packages we have on offer.

* Affordable Yet Stunning HD Video Book Trailers To Catch Your Eye.

*300 Pinterest Backlinks and 300+ Pins With The Majority As Niche Specific Images To Your Author Billboard And Personal Blogs.

* A Unique SEO Press Release Article, Submitted And Respun To 20 Of The Most Popular Press Release Directories.

****Stay Tuned For The Black Caviar Book Club Promotion XXL Package****

To Purchase Book Trailer Videos, Press Releases and Backlink Packages Click Here"

Book Club Question 5: What Genre's Can I Choose From?

Scroll to the right to find a list of book genre's. Included in some of the main genre sections are sub-genres which may better suit your books. If you want to build a Author Billboard but can't see a genre on the list that fits your book, you can use the "Genre Request Form"

If you have any questions about the Authors Billboard please post them on The Book Club Discussion Page "

Turn A Spark Into A Flame

Once your Billboard has been approved you can copy and paste your billboard website page URL on your blogs, website and Facebook pages….Why stop there?Turn it into an anchor link….Add the link and gain extra rankings by the search engines....Another great reason to use the Authors Billboard to increase your exposure!

Anchor Link Request

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Thank you for taking the time to read This Book Club Questions 5 article..


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