Book Club Questions 4, Can You Tell Us Two Interesting Facts About You?

Book Club Questions 4: Can You Tell Us Two Interesting Things About You We Didn‘t Know?

On April 20th 2006 I was involved in a near fatal car cras. The days leading up to and proceeding the event taught me one thing…YOU CAN’T FIGHT FATE.

The night before the accident I had just finished watching a movie at home and decided to play some music in my lounge. I had this song in my head and really wanted to play the tune but the CD was in my car. Being lazy I decided not to get up from my comfortable position on the sofa, so decided on another album.

The next morning I was to take my partner to work as her car was in the garage for it’s annual service. The problem was that I could not find my car keys anywhere.

My partner had an important meeting she couldn’t afford to miss, and after waiting around, decided to take a taxi instead.

Book Club Questions 4: Why Was This An Important Factor?

About twenty minutes after she left I located the lost keys on the cat tree; had she waited around she would have been travelling with me.

As my car lay 30 feet down a wooded embankment on it's roof, a large tree branch shot through the passenger window like a catapult stopping inches away from my head. Had she been in the car she almost certainly would have been decapitated.

Book Club Questions 4: How Have You Managed To Turn A Scary Moment Into Something Positive?

I believe that fate put me in that car alone that morning and when I look back on variables, it did make me think that the man upstairs made sure for whatever reason that it happened the way it did. The accident in itself lead me to start writing and at first my work was mainly an account of the days leading up to and including the day. A lot happened which some might call freaky and coincidental even the timing of my arrival at the hospital. I chose this experience as a way of introducing one of my main characters Cruz into my book series. In chapter 15 and 16 I explain in detail, the morning of the accident and throughout book one, Cruz soon realizes he can’t fight fate.

Book Club Questions 4: Can You Tell Us The Second Interesting Fact?

As a result of my car accident I had serious nerve damage in my right arm and fingers (my writing hand), I had to learn how to sign my name, tie my laces all over again…But all in all it was small price to pay for having my life in tact.

The most interesting fact was that I wrote nearly all of my first book using just my left hand. Being right handed, this did present a challenge and taught me so much about myself…But most of all, this little hurdle kept the fire and passion burning deep inside.



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