Book Club Questions 3, Can I Read Part Of This Psychological Crime Thriller Series Before It's Release Date?

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Psymon H Answers The Book Club Questions 3 Article...Explaining everything you need to know about the Black Caviar psychological crime thriller, free read promotion.

If you like to get the inside scoop on the next big story before everyone else, you’ve come to the right place. Not only can you read chapter episodes before your friends, you can also read chunks before the series reaches the shelves of Amazon.

I don’t know about you but there’s something special about reading closely guarded chapters of a huge story months before the launch. Just imagine when most are just realizing that that the book series is out, you’ve already had your teeth sunk into this psychological crime thriller months before.

“Read An Intriguing Chapter Tease"

Book Club Questions 3: How Many Chapters Can I Read Before The Official Launch?

I always find that I get excited when I see a new book about to be launched, especially if I’ve either been looking forward to reading it, or have heard others speculating.

My only problem is that I like to read more than the back cover blurb and half of chapter one before making a purchase. With so many books to choose from, reading one free page doesn’t exactly get the juices flowing, and often a purchase comes down to the media hype rather than the story and characters.

The Black Caviar Book Club free read promotion not only lets you read the series summary before the launch, we let you read the first 29 chapters plus a bonus chapter from this psychological crime thriller series.

Book Club Questions 3: How Do I Get My Hands One These 29 Free Chapter Episodes?

These free chapters will be formatted into weekly PDF file for you to download and read anytime.

Every Wednesday until the end of our free promotion, you will be sent a weekly news letter. Included in this email you will receive a choise of two PDF links to either click, or copy and paste into your browser, within seconds your PDF file will download straight to your device.

As we have already started this promotion on our old website and resume here on episode 9, every week we give you two PDF files to choose from.

Book Club Questions 3: What Options Do I Have to Choose from?

“Read An Intriguing Chapter Tease"

Option 1.

If you’ve been reading the single weekly chapters, you can continue to do so by choosing to download the single chapter episode as it becomes available.

Option 2.

If you join the news alerts at any time throughout this free book club promotion, you will be able to download the previous chapters including the latest chapter episode in one PDF file.

Book Club Questions 3: Can You Give Us Some Chapter Titles To Look Forward To?

To your right are the Black Caviar free read chapter episode titles and dates. Your subscription will start in time for the next chapter episode. This free read promotion will end on 16th Jan 2013.

You can return from the Book Club Questions 3 page and read the summary now"

Book Club Questions 3: How Do I Sign Up To Get My free Chapter Episodes?

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I promise to use it only to send you BLACK CAVIAR NEWS ALERTS.

Please complete the form below.

Thank you for reading my book club questions 3, I hope you enjoy the free book club promotion…Regards Psymon H.


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