Book Club Questions 2: Why Choose The Psychological Crime Thriller Genre?

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Book Club Questions 2: Why Choose The Psychological Crime Thriller Genre?

When I first began writing, I never once believed my suspense and mystery idea would turn into a psychological crime thriller. I spoke with some of my friends who were avid readers, and allowed them a glimpse of my work.

Some came back and asked what genre I would classify my manuscript. At this point, I had no idea what genre would best suit my work as it crossed many genres. Eventually as I got deeper into the series, many concluded that the book series I was writing was turning into a gripping psychological crime thriller.

Book Club Questions 2: Why Does Your Style Of Writing Work For The Psychological Crime Thriller Genre?

It wasn’t long after speaking with my friend did I realized my writing style turned to this sub-genre through the use of back stories and first-person narratives with specific elements that relate to my book character’s situation and thought-processes.


I guess I tell this story like I’m relaying an exciting event to a friend, painting a vivid picture for the reader while leaving certain elements to their imagination. My writing style is such that the reader will feel like they know each character inside out, but with the same token even people close to us have a habit of springing a surprise with uncharacteristic actions.

Book Club Questions 2: Can You Give Us An Example Using Your Primary Character Daman?

Yes, My primary character Daman is Chicago’s major heroin shareholder, for the most part he learnt from watching his brother before he was murdered. Daman lived with the nightmare which tortured his soul ever since.

The first two chapters steps back to the day with a heart wrenching account of what happened…you can read this story in the “Black Caviar Free Read Promotion.” As the story unfolds it’s plain to see that Daman has charm about him, but with the same token he is devilishly unpredictable.

He is very much untroubled by human emotion, which is quite surprising considering he lost his father and brother in the space of a thirteen short months.

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Book Club Questions 2: Can You Give Us A Further Insight Into His Personality?


Daman has one rule in life, “Eat or Be Eaten”. This rule leads him into a world where alliances and friendships are built, only to be broken through mistrust, jealously and greed.

Daman has every intent on finding his brother’s killer, while trying to maintain his alpha dog status in the Chicago‘s underworld. He’s no longer a thinker but a thinker turn manipulator, who sizes everyone up and doesn’t trust a single person to keep their word.

Very few folks are allowed into his inner sanctum. Most invitations come with a purpose and price! If money is given, you can bet Daman attaches some sort of interest to it. Any comments made usually mean something else entirely.

The suspense of Daman’s character comes from inside himself as he tries to deal with personal issues. I guess in some ways he is very reactionary, this is further manifested when he runs into characters who play a dangerous game, some play for a reaction while others play for serious intent.

One tries to get inside his vulgar mental state by outsmarting him, this character wants to destroy his mental state before going after his real estate. Being used to shooting first and asking questions later, Daman is forced to take an unnatural step back and reevaluate his position when this enemy taps into his weakness and plays in the shadows.

Book Club Questions 2: Can You Tell Us A Little About Your Leading Female Character?

Jane is an underhanded woman who knows exactly what Daman’s weakness is: women! She engages our leading male in psychological game play – reverse psychology and emotional coercion, to name a few.

Jane’s motives are fairly hidden while trying to establish herself in Daman’s life. She steps on the toes of Daman’s wife, which ends up causing more conflict.

In this psychological crime thriller there are characters who treat their lives like a game of chess, granted, some are worse players than others.

However, what they all come to realize in time is that for every action, there is a reaction. If you would like to become part of the growing readership taking advantage of the pre-launch 29 chapter free read, fill in the form below.

Thank you for reading the book club questions 2 article.

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