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Free Read Book Club News By Psymon H….For those of you enjoying my 29 chapter free read from the Black Caviar Book Series, we are mid-way through and lots has happened.

Up to now you have been introduced to some really interesting characters and mini stories.

Daman meets the bodacious British beauty Jane, her natural good looks and quick wit draws him in like a magnet. With the opening of his second night club in the city and lots going on in his head, this relationship with Jane could do more than distract Chicago’s crime mogul.

Then we had 3 Way and the rather impressionable Sky….In the last two weeks chapters, 3 Way had a chance meet with mature student Sky. What started off as a harmless cup of coffee could end in something much more sinister and life threatening.

Chapter 15... Book Club News

This weeks see’s the return of our British man Cruz, his storyline has only just begun with a night of lustful passion between the sheets with long term partner Adele….All I can say is that I hope he enjoyed his intro into the story as life is about to get real rough for him.

Here Is A Short Extract From Chapter Episode 15 Titled “LOST”

He was flat out of breath but knew he had to keep running; she was catching up on him with every stride forward. Flicking views between where he was heading and on his attacker in hot pursuit, Cruz deduced that he was in serious trouble. She had slashed him twelve times across his chest and neck before seasoning each wound with salt. His blood soaked shirt mixed with perspiration didn’t help matters as the cloth seem to stick in the most painful way.

Too scared to look back, Cruz tried his best to navigate his way through the dark passageway. The only streetlight in the area was out; remembering that she had knocked off his specs in a fit of rage, he had to rely on less than 20/20 vision. “Where am I?” Looking to his right, he saw an opening but couldn’t tell this far out where it lead. Hearing more than one set of boots behind him, along with the sound of dogs, Cruz took the risky decision of turning and facing his fear. It didn’t take long before she appeared holding what looked like a small bottle; as she got closer, she screamed out, “Cruz…!”

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