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Book Club Edition 1 Summary:

PR Web is to pronounce a note to the readers that the Black Caviar Book club has recently launched the “Readers Lounge,” a great place for book lovers to read Authors Billboards and maybe find their next big read.

These Billboards are considered a serious additional feature to any author’s promotional campaign.

All in all it has been a strong week for the Black Caviar Book Club with a growing amount of Billboard Submissions, the addition of the Pinterest feature “Pin it” included to each Billboard and the launch of it’s first Mobile app.

Black Caviar Book Club Pins Pinterest To Their Author Billboards.

On Monday 24th September, 2012 the Black Caviar Book Club launched it’s innovative free promotional tool for authors, called “The Authors Billboard.” These online hoardings are a great way for authors to utilize the free promotional space the book club offers. Authors can also take advantage of the Pinterest “Pin It” feature which will serve as a great Traffic generator.

Black Caviar expects that the latest Pinterest addition will encourage visitors to pin and re-pin author’s book covers on their own Pinterest boards, leading to added exposure. Authors will benefit with the very strong, and growing, popularity of Pinterest. Apart from “Pin it” The Black Caviar Book Club offer a host of other features like comment posting for both authors and visitors. One of the coolest features is the ability to place You Tube videos on Author Billboards.

The Book Club Edition 1 also found that unlike many online sites who provide promotional space with no additional exposure outside their website, Black Caviar regularly sends out Bloglets and tweets on it’s RSS/blog Feeds highlighting the different Billboards. The book club has also started to promote their Authors Billboards on their Pinterest Boards, with pictures, a small summary and a direct link back to each Author Billboard web-page.

From Book lovers To Book Genres.

The book club has not forgotten the most important element…the reader. From a book lover’s viewpoint there are some really bright features for a website barely 7 weeks old and growing in popularity.

Readers can scroll through 13 main genre pages, this is where you get to read the Author Billboards. Some of these main genres offers further sub-genres with more genres and sub-genres being added in the coming weeks and months.

The beauty of the Authors Billboards from a readers perspective is that they can engage with the authors, ask questions, leave comments and reviews for others to read and comment on, and best of all they can even star an author’s page.

The Black Caviar Book Club are searching for authors from the following genres….







*Psychological Thriller





*Young Author


As we head closer to Halloween the Book Club are especially looking for those scary stories.

To start your free Authors billboard click the link below.

Return from The Book Club Edition Page To Start Your Authors Billboard Now!"

New Book Club Edition….The Translation Button.

The Black Caviar Book Club has also added a translation button to each of their pages including the Readers Lounge main genre pages, after traffic research showed that a healthy 29% of visitors came from outside English speaking countries. Choose a flag and at one click of a button the page will translate into the chosen language without having to leave the page.

Mobile App

There is one other feature we should tell you about since many of you view sites through a mobile device…. Enter the Black Caviar book club site via it’s homepage using a Smartphone and the site will detect that a mobile device is being used. User’s will be given the option to view the site using the Black Caviar’s new mobile app.

At the time of writing this book club edition press release the app detection was only assessable through the homepage, and not all of the pages from the site were listed on the app.

Although some pages were missing what made this a really great feature was the fact that every new addition to the main website, whether it be a new Authors Billboard or article can be viewed using the RSS/Blog feed on the mobile app.

The team are working hard to roll out more pages and options. We also hear that in time you will be able to scan and download the app straight from the website and all major app stores.

The Book Club Edition will keep you up to date on the latest goings on at the Black Caviar Book club.


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