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The Book club discussion of the week has surrounded the topic of the Authors Billboard, and as the buzz starts to take hold with questions coming in, I thought I would take the opportunity to answer as few…

But first I would like to thank those of you who have shown interest in this unique Billboard concept and have signed up. My trafic analysis tells me that the “Authors Billboard” has been the most visited page on my website, even outstripping my index page.

If you have any questions on this topic please continue to send them by using the mini forum at the bottom of this page…Read questions and answers and post your own…I will post an update on my RSS feed just in case you haven’t the time to visit the site and located the page, so if you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to my RSS feed.

Tip…When you have submitted a question, please select to be notified when a comment has been made back, that’s the best way to keep informed. here are two questions I placed in this book club discussion article.....

Question 1..“Psymon H, I write Dark Fantasy and other sub-genres from the main Fantasy genre….I noticed that you only have a Fantasy Authors Billboard, can I still place my work there?”

Answer…. Thank you for your interest in the Authors Billboard. At this early stage the Black Caviar Book Club only has the Fantasy genre Billboard. We plan that once we grow this genre Billboard, we will add sub-genre Billboards and move such work into the genre that fits best. I advise that within the early part of the body of your Billboard you explain that your book is Dark fantasy, this will be enough to keep the reader informed.

Question 2 ..How will Black Caviar help to promote my books?”

Answer...One man vs. a team…the team will always win through. This is a team event and that is what will set this free service apart from the many who have gone before and the few who will tumble after.

Once your Billboard has been approved you will get notification, but first you have to set the notification options to be notified of this and when comments have been left by readers. You will also get your Billboard URL as your Billboard will change into it’s own webpage.

I advise you to make this URL into a “Anchor Link” and place it on your blog pages, website and social media pages. Let people know about your Billboard and encourage people to comment on it. If you don’t know about the power of an Anchor Link and how to make them, the BC team will help you to make one that the search engines will love.

There are many advantages to owning a Black Caviar Billboard.. Not only can you make updates to your Billboard feed, but you have a growing Black Caviar heavyweight in your corner. If I spot a new angle on how to promote your book I won’t sit on it, I’m going to let my readers know about it through my RSS Feeds, blogs and such like.

If you think of an additional supplement we can make a meal of, let the team know, we can make a Black Caviar bloglet to suit and feed it through social media and the search engines.

The BC Book Club will run many promotional online events where we will focus on pushing the news out on our Billboard authors to the avid readers looking to unearth their next read. …But you have to do your part…that’s what I call a true team event.

If you have a Author Billboard Book Club Discussion question please post it below.. Thanks.

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