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Unapologetically Mind-Altering Suspense You Never Saw Coming!

The Book Club Series consist of five books which make up this unapologetically mind-altering story, written by Psymon H, The black British Author With A Story To Tell.  

Three Gripping Storylines Come Together To Make A Suspenseful and Dark Book Series.

Under the bright lights and high-rise buildings of the Chicago skyline lays a drug trade worth more than $1 billion a year.

Every major high roller wants a slice of the windy city’s black profit.

Over a few short years, heroin moved from the ghetto sidewalks and dark alleys into the richer suburbs, all courtesy of the D Organization.

Book Club Book Character Daman Grip On Chicago

The State of Illinois has long suffered at the hands of Daman, the handsome crime alpha dog and head of the D Organization. Immune to the law and devilishly unpredictable, he strengthens his grip around Chicago’s windpipe, while trying to find his late brother‘s killer. Dirty police officers, who wish to increase their retirement fund, provide him with intelligence and manpower to help keep his finger firmly on the city’s pulse.

Book Club Book Character Jane Is Anything But Plain

The only poison with the potential of penetrating this kingpins’ immune system is a bodacious female figure in a pair of sassy six-inch heels. Slinky black widow Jane enters into a steamy and highly charged affair with Daman. But, this woman isn’t as plain as her name suggests… much to the dislike of his eagle-eyed wife. Their forbidden relationship leads them both on a trail of intrigue, lust and betrayal.

Battling for equilibrium, Daman finds himself having to rely on his mental resources instead of his brutish strength when a formidable opponent tries to outwit him. Often preying on others’ weaknesses, Daman soon discovers that the roles are reversed in a deceptive game of cat and mouse. His opponent is more intent on demolishing his mental state before going after the real estate.

Book Club Book Character Cruz Gets More Than He Expects During A Seven-Day Vacation

Meanwhile, Daman rekindles an old friendship with law abiding Cruz, who lives 4,000 miles away in the United Kingdom. His best friend’s life takes an unexpected turn for the worse after a near fatal car crash. Cruz flies over to the states for seven-day’s rest and recovery time, here he learns more than he bargained when Daman explains the true extent of his underworld dealings.  

Flying back home, Cruz engages in a flirtatious online conversation with a mystery woman that eventually turns his world upside down. Forget Cruz control; it’s downhill without breaks and sharp corners… without seatbelts. Just when Cruz’s life couldn’t get any worse, it shows him how treacherous it can really get through a series of freaky and coincidental events. These events holds serious consequences for everyone involved including Daman.

Book Club Book Character Sky Meets A Total Stranger

In another part of the Chicago, Sky, a mature university student, originally from Spokane WA befriends a complete stranger. At first this friendship seems rather harmless but soon turns into something more sinister and life threatening.

With these three gripping storylines interconnecting into one, it’s sure to bring drama you never expected and will almost certainly make you want to read each of the five books in one sitting. Throughout this book club book series you will meet a host of intriguing characters, some you will love, others you will grow to hate with a passion....But one thing is certain....Once you’re sat firmly in the box seat, you will feel like you are part of the plot.

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