Book Club Book Question :
Can You Give Us An Insight Into A Day In The Life Of Author Psymon H?


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Author And BCBC CEO Psymon H Gives An Insight Into How He Spends His 24 Hours

Author Psymon H

Book Club Book Question: What Time Does Your Day Start?

Eyes open about 04.30am, my mind starts ticking soon after with mental check list appearing of all the days task. Living State side for just over a month now, my mind is still making the time adjustments, after being used to being eight hours ahead of my wife, living in the UK. Trying not to wake up the house, I ease out of bed and fumble for the laptop and phone, but if it’s not one dog, it’s the other that I’m tripping over to get out of the door. After reassuring my sleeping beauty that nothings broken, I attend to website and personal emails. Some days it take longer than others, but today there’s enough time to read and pre-edit a chapter from my forth-coming book series and deal with any amendments, before the second task of the day.

Book Club Book Question: Is It Breakfast Time Yet?

Not yet, usually I hear footsteps which tells me that it’s time for wifey and I to pop in Sean T’s Cardio Insanity workout DVD. Today was a day that no matter how hard the work out, I wore a huge smile on my face, Why?

Today I received my first search engine and keyword ranking report for my three month old online book club. In between sweat dripping and Sean T shouting out the next gruelling exercise, I strategize how I can improve on 12 web pages being on Google’s first two search pages.

Breakfast is usually the time when my wife and I will share thoughts about her doctor’s degree, my book series and the book club. Fully pumped for the day we head out of the door for a 30 mile trip to college, where we part company, with me left in the library to write.

Book Club book Question: What Is Your Writing Process? Do You Have A Regular Routine?

Tucked away in my own little world with my headphones on, my brain sets to work picking up the threads from a half written chapter from the 5th and final book in the series. Within seconds the story comes alive, characters dictate the pace and often senses jump out at me. It’s then that I wish my fingers could keep up with story being played out in my head.

I don’t usually follow a set routine to keep on track as I’m a tyrant when it comes to the Black Caviar storyline. It so happened that yesterday my writing stopped at a juicy crossroad where the story could take off in many directions. After sleeping on it, I decided that direction two was the most tense path to travel even though it needs much thought and mind mapping.

Today I decided to let the mind fully wonder along a path of a Russian female character and her father.

After the last key has been tapped I leave the chapter to settle, knowing that I will need to return to the scene to sharpen the tone, feel and also retract on repetitive words… good time for Mr. Thesaurus to help me out.

Book Club Book Question: Do You Have Any Energy To Spend On Your Website?

At 11.45am I was ready for round two (the website). By this time I’m buzzing going over new ideas on how I can make the Black Caviar, Google’s number one book club. The first task in this area is to organize the key points of my next article. Step two is all about the keywords and now I have the Google report, I set about putting words into action.

Half of the article is written before turning my attention towards marketing and promotion of the book club, this always starts with my social media.

1pm it’s a working lunch with phone pinned to the ear, fork in one hand with pen in the other and laptop open. This will almost certainly lead to writing the next script of my business plan before meeting up with my wife for the drive home.

After a few hours work in other areas, it’s a return to the book writing where I continue chapter development.

7pm…It’s family time from here on in, time to switch off and let the mind relax. I always find this is an important time to recharge, whether it's cooking, playing with the dogs or lounging on the sofa listening to music, I never want to miss this part of the day.

9.45pm…The diary comes out for fifteen minutes… it’s all about planning how best to spend the next 24 hours if it's given to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Book Club Book Question.

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