Black Caviar Free Chapter Episode:
"Do I Make You Nervous?"

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This Black Caviar Free Chapter Episode Introduces Daman, Our Main Character: A criminal academic, majored in gangster mathematics, Daman sums up that every enemy subtraction adds to the D Organization’s bottom line.

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Chapter Episode 21

Randy stood up to greet Daman, extending his hand in friendship but his boss dismissed the gesture and walked straight past. Taking a seat at the head of the meeting table, he dusted the fluff off his jacket and played with his cuff links. He enjoyed the moment when the other person didn‘t know what quite to do or say next. Savoring the time, it felt good to put his Westside broker in a position best saved for the toilet seat. Swinging the chair from side to side, he studied Randy intently; his eyes started at his shoes then worked their way up slowly until he was looking directly into his eyes. The airy silence felt deadly for one but powerful for the other.

“Randy, how devil are you these days? Still got all your limbs in tack I see,” Daman joked getting to his feet and walking towards the free standing fish tank to admire his pets. Randy shuffled uneasy in his chair not knowing which way the conversation would head.

“Hey Daman, it’s all good thanks to you.”

The Psychological Suspense Free Chapter

Daman turned sharply in his direction, “I guess it is for you at the moment, are you still locked onto power on the Westside?” he queried, turning back to face the tank before proceeding to feed his fish.

“Yes we’re still controlling the division and at street level the boys have crushed a few low life’s who get their product from the competition and my man power has now increased to take on the extra workload the cocaine and heroin is giving me.”

Randy’s swagger returned and now he felt confident if just for a second; Daman twigged this and cut back in, “Word has it that you have foolishly cut a side deal with the competition; now, when I heard all that chitter-chatter, I laughed and told my informant he must of fell and bumped his head. I love these fish do you know what they are?”

“Yes their piranhas; well I‘m not sure who’s been talking out of turn but….” Randy was swiftly interrupted by Daman who’d thrown in the last of the live feed for his meet eaters.

“No, their not just piranhas Randy, they're Pygocentrus Caribes; they come from South America, Venezuela to be exact.”

Randy wondered why he received a nature lesson but instead stayed quiet, curling his legs in order to hide his feet under the chair.

“Commonly known as Donkey Skin Piranha, they are very aggressive in the wild and at certain times of the year are known to eat young birds ejected from the river nesting sites.” He turned to face Randy in a dominant fashion, aiming to discourage his underling from gaining the upper hand. “These bad boys will eat almost anything put in this tank and if well fed, will get on well with each other and if not, they will start to size up the competition for dinner and that’s when things get messy. You’re sensible enough to follow my drift…aren’t you?”

Randy stayed semi relaxed recalling what happened to his predecessor and how his life was snuffed out in a cold hearted fashion.  As he felt Daman’s daggers, he naturally attempted to make himself appear as if he was taking up minimal space.

Feeling his hostility towards Randy increase, he went and sat on the edge of the table beside him, making every effort to remain taller and that much more imposing. “I didn’t know you frequented diners these days, thought you fed better than that. Eating in those places will make you fat and out of shape. Too much of that kind of food will put you on a hospital slab with heart failure, so please be careful.” The look of intent was quite visible while he observed his message had not been misunderstood. “My good cartel friends in Juarez, Mexico tell me they have different killings for different crimes; me, I’m old school and just want to shoot my enemy quick as I lead a busy life, oh with the exception of Sam of course…..But those boys, they have all day to dream up killings and punishments which always seem to fit the crime.”

 Taking Randy by surprise, he grabbed his left hand and pulled back on his index finger until he felt it dislodge. The grief was instant and was soon joined by an agonizing scream. Dropping his hand, he let him come to terms with his finger’s new position.

“Last week my man cut off the hand of a gang member having good reason to believe the greedy peasant stole from him. This was to send out a clear message to his workforce that law-breaking would not be tolerated at any level.”

The Black Caviar Free Chapter 

Still clutching his hand in pain, Randy looked pale at the thought; Daman continued by grabbing his employee’s lower jaw and demanding he open his mouth; Randy took a few seconds to comprehend and process the order but didn’t need asking twice.

“Now, stick out your tongue,” he ordered, leaning closer while maintaining an icy stare.  “The week before this same scary cartel high roller cut out the tongue of another gang lowlife, believing him to have a problem with information leaving out the back door. But get this, he didn’t stop there…He chopped off three of the man’s fingers and stuck it in his mouth like he was chain smoking cigars.”

By this time Randy was sweating and dry heaving. His boss went to his jacket pocket as if he was about to re-enact his last description, but instead pulled out a tissue. After dabbing at the sweat running down Randy’s brow, he stuffed the used tissue inside his mouth, slamming his jaw shut before pinching his nose. As he watched his broker’s facial coloring change from pale white to red he continued to maintain his grip and only released when Randy started to choke profusely.

“If I hear anymore rumors of dishonesty coming from your direction, be very afraid because the next knock at your door won’t be room service.” He pushed Randy back knocking him out his seat and had finished for now but assimilated deep down at a later date whatever was said tonight and however it was processed would have to be put into action. There was too much at stake to let someone get out of hand on his watch, no matter how much money he was bringing in. Maybe it was time to switch codes on Randy and open up the market. In this game, when one man fell there were always others ready and willing to take his place.

Being the drug’s major shareholder, he recognized if he wasn’t the cause of this city’s dark under belly, he was sure promoting it like he was. Walking back to the head of the table and throwing himself back into the boss’s chair, he was happy with his nights work and was sure the message he’d sent his employee had been received loud and clear. Smiling, he put his hand up in Tanks direction and gave a dismissive gesture. “Goodbye Randy, till the next time, stay safe and look both ways before crossing the street.”

The Black Caviar Free Chapter 

Randy found his feet after a few sheepish attempts, struggling to breathe through his nose and out through his mouth without swallowing the gag or passing out, aware his next stop that evening would be the city hospital.

As if to twist the knife in further, Daman shouted after him while tapping his index finger on the table waiting for him to turn around.  “And Randy my friend, I want my money by time morning turns to afternoon, make it your priority and the number one duty on your to-do list.”

Randy nodded in pain before taking the tissue out of his mouth.

 The End Of  The Black Caviar Free Chapter 

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The Six Word Character Profile:

The Black Caviar Psychological Suspense Thriller Book 1 & 2 is full of amazing characters, some of which are just too big for small entrances. We thought as well as giving you a Black Caviar Free Chapter, we would also provide a six word character profile. Is there one character that reminds you of  someone you know? 

Daman: Alpha, Authoritarian, Territorial, Unpredictable, Bloodthirsty, Mastermind 

Jane: Sexy, Confident, Cunning, Sophisticated, Heroic, Fabulous, Schemer

Audreya: Fearless, Exquisite, Dominant, Perceptive, Thinker, Diplomat

Cruz: Handsome, Patient, Kindhearted, Believer, Sensitive, Understanding

Sky: Nonconformist, Looker, Timid, Submissive, Controllable, Shortsighted

Anna: Hustler, Striking, Regretful, Weak, Fighter, Knowing

3 Way: Opportunist, Vigilant, Egotistic, Cocksure, Ambitious, Engaging

Tank: Immovable, Reliable, Grateful, Dangerous, Hard-worker, Sure

The Boss Man: Important, Psychosomatic, Vigilant, Threatening, Strategist, Magician

Mayor Claire Watson:  Vital, Devious, Swashbuckler, Secretive, Fat-cat, Competitive

Randy: Yellowbellied, Dreamer, Unfaithful, Cold, Unreliable, Vacant

Jenna: Torn, Faithful, Smart, Elegant, Tolerant, Hard-wearing

Lexus: Bonny, Bright, Watchful, Loving, Gifted, Forward

Sean: Mover, Able, Sharp, Business-Like, Buccaneer, Defy

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