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Our flagship book is titled ‘Failing Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To You’ by author John C

But what makes John and his book so different from the rest?

Unlike many other online "gurus" offers you generic template steps that promise you success and charge you exorbitant prices.

John C provides you with what you actually need at prices that everyone can afford; He believes that the key to success lies in having the right mindset, right tools and techniques and right business models -- Therefore, he provides all of this in his books, specifically designed to help budding internet entrepreneurs.

John C's book caters to a variety of internet entrepreneurs: from affiliate marketers to bloggers. What separates John C from the other digital publishers is his ability to relate complicated concepts with real life examples to help you understand better.


The Best Business Entrepreneur Books All Come With A free ChapterAvailable On kindle And Free With Kindle Unlimited.

Summary: It is a very well-known saying that failure is the stepping stone to success. While this may seem preachy and unreal, there are several great men and women who have actually lived by this saying. 

They have seen the depths of failure and misery, only to soar high in success. 

In this ebook, we will cover how these people continue to inspire the world with their stories. 
You will read about the success stories of Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Franklin Roosevelt whom have tasted success only 
after several attempts which lead to frustratingly poor results. 

Now, most people would have given up if they were faced with the same situation. But, these people who saw the greatest success and even went on to become legends, did something very differently. 

This ebook reveals to you why failing is great! 

If you have not learnt from your failures that is a mistake. Worst still, if you have entirely failed to recognize the fact that you have failed, success is not at arm’s length and you probably have to wait a lot longer before you taste it. This book tells you how you can recognize the fact that you have, in fact, failed. 

Now that you have learnt how to do that, the next step is to convert failure into success. This ebook will also be teaching you some proven techniques that you can apply to convert every failed attempt into the real stepping stone to your success. 

This ebook will be the guide that you need through those dark years when it seems like you are failing at everything that you do. The good news is, you can take control over all your failures and turn them into the something magical. All you need to do is believe that you deserve to succeed and keep on trying till you actually reach your goals. 

If you treat failure as merely feedback, then success becomes a matter of time. If nothing you have tried works, maybe its time for you to see things in a different light. 

After reading this ebook, you will realize why failure is indeed the best thing that could happen to you.

Free Chapter

There was once a young man who started a business with his friend at the age of 20. This business, which started out in a small garage in this young man’s parent’s house, grew to become a billion dollar company with 4000 employees. But, one day this young man was fired; from the same company that he had founded.

This young man was Steve Jobs. Although his biological mother wanted him to be adopted by a family who had completed college education so that he could get the same, Jobs decided that college was just not for him. He took up calligraphy classes instead. The result of which was the beautiful typography in the Mac. After working for about 10 years, the company released their best creation- The Macintosh. That is when Steve turned 30. It was then that the company hired another person who was very competent to run the business. However, when the visions of these two individuals did not match, the Board of directors decided to bail out on Steve Jobs.

This was not just his whole life’s effort snatched from him, but was also public humiliation as Jobs was pretty well known by then. But, despite all that, one thing remained constant. He still loved what he did. So, in the next 5 years, NeXT and Pixar came into being. While Pixar went on to create the first computer animated film, NeXT became the heart of all the cool gizmos that Apple is known for today.

In all the speeches that Jobs gave to students across the globe, he maintained that the only thing that kept him going was the fact that he simply loved what he did. When you fail, do your best not to settle. If you know what you love, go for it. If you do not know what you love, look for it like a pirate who looks for hidden treasure. Allow this passion to become the larger part of your life. Even when you fail, do not stop loving it. Sometimes, failure makes people run away from the best things in their lives. Never allow failure to surpass faith. If you are certain that the work you are doing is great, just follow your heart and you will definitely find success.

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Read What Readers Had To Say About This Book

What Readers had To Say!

We've all experienced failure but thing is in every failure there is a success. i love this book especially its title " Failing Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To You." because people always see the negativity of failure but when we read the stories of Michael Jordan, Bill gates, Steve jobs and many more they are the best examples of A Success man behind his failure. I was so inspired in reading their stories these people continuously inspire the world with their stories. There are many things to learn in this book and that is you can take control over all your failures and turn them into the something special. Now I realized why failure is indeed the best thing that could happen to me. Such an Inspiring and motivating book! Worth reading! 

This book is quite interesting. The author, John C, gives you another perspective on failure. He guides you through failure, giving you examples of how failures can and have been transformed into success. Practical and motivational. Following his guidance, I took a step back and re-evaluated my situation, and honestly felt more optimistic. A good read! 

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