Basic Square Foot Gardening for Beginners

by Anne Hudson



Basic Square Foot Gardening for Beginners: Garden Technique, Space Gardening, Herb Gardening Kindle Edition.

Are you ready to start your own Square Foot Garden? Do you feel hassled when it comes to Gardening? Do you want to start growing your own organic food? If yes then, look no more, "Square Foot Gardening" is your ultimate gardening guide. With our simple and fun guidelines you can make gardening a lot easier.

If you are tired of the traditional gardening methods and are looking for some new techniques to simplify your life then have a read of this amazing book.

Families across the world are reintegrating home gardens into their lives. There is a high increase in people taking interest in homegrown fruits and vegetables for their daily diet. 40 million households in America are growing food at home in the form of a backyard garden or in a community garden.

You can be part of this community too all you need to do is ensure that you align yourself with our very vital pointers of square foot gardening.

There are various garden magazines out there and I am sure you have tried searching for an easy way out but haven’t been successful. With "Square Foot Gardening" we will guide you step by step as to how to create a garden in your own backyard.

Download this free gardening kindle book and save yourself a lot of time and failed efforts. Start reading about this conventional gardening method today to learn more on organic gardening or container gardening for your very own backyard.

A thorough and detailed planning is essential before you even drop a seed in the ground. Do the right things from the start to have a healthy and beautiful home garden. You will find gardening techniques that will be focused on helping you in deciding the location, choice of plants, and design and maintenance of your square foot garden.

Once you have decided on which plants you wish to grow, you need to know the characteristics and requirements for vegetable gardening to grow in your own backyard garden. This gardening guide will help you achieve that.

Make gardening fun with Anne Hudson, who is a gardening enthusiast herself. She believes that home gardens are an essential for a household. Gardening is not just a hobby for Anne but is a passion; she is always on a quest of making this an interesting activity.

Her immense experience of gardening is what encouraged her to write "Square Foot Gardening" providing in depth instructions on urban gardening, planting seeds, and vertical gardening. She believes that the benefits of having a raised bed garden are limitless, from producing your own organic food to having a healthy habit; you can never have enough of gardening. So take out your gardening tools and gloves and create a garden with Anne Hudson today.

Some topics this book includes

-Raised Bed Construction (Pictures included)
-Companion Planting
-Vertical Gardening (Pictures included)
-Heirloom Seeds
-Adjusting Soil PH (Charts included)

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By Amazon Customer on January 25, 2016

Recommend buy, the instructionals alone sufficed in making me content with the book.

Made it very clear & simple to help me with the construction of my raised bed, dimensions were given, equipment needed, even covers how to make raised beds with different materials (logs, concrete, planks,etc) the pictures accompanied during the instructions definitely helped me with the process.


I currently reside in Canada where I enjoy hiking the rocky mountains in the summer time, as well as helping out my mother with her garden. Majority of my knowledge was cultivated from countless summers of working alongside her. Together we bonded over the beautiful flowers that flourished in the springtime and the extraction of thousands of weeds.

Let me tell you, gardening is not easy, but it sure is rewarding to sit back on your porch in the evening and enjoy the beautiful scenery of your day's work.

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Feb 01, 2016
by: Psymon H

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